Meet our Head of Digital Marketing: Helen Price

If you haven’t noticed, we’ve been busy. So far, we’ve grown our team to 19 and have an exciting rebrand underway (more on that soon). We’ve always had big growth plans, and 2024 is the year we go even further. 

You know the story – you get busier as you partner with more clients. So, to meet these increasing demands, we restructured Trio into specific departments for operations, client relations, commercial, design, and digital media. Our digital marketing team, which covers SEO, social media, paid media, and content, needed someone to lead them. That’s where Helen comes in. 

Helen, our Head of Digital Marketing, joined the team in January and has made a big difference to Trio. Learn about her experience, interests, and tips for working in a digital marketing agency.

What is your day-to-day role at Trio Media?

As Head of Digital Marketing, I manage the team that delivers our main digital services. This team includes Nic, Darren, Nat, Claudia, and Sophie

My role is to ensure we’re up to date with the latest trends and industry news and that we constantly improve our processes. Working alongside the client relations team, I review and identify strategic opportunities to help our clients get the most from our services and ensure we get results. The aim is to keep the team focused, running smoothly, and the clients happy!

What did you use to do before joining Trio?

My professional life has always been in marketing, and my marketing career started at university. I studied business and marketing (BSc) and international strategic management (MSc) at the University of Sheffield. For over ten years, I have worked in various marketing roles across higher education, increasing my knowledge across several areas. 

A few years ago, I moved to a digital marketing agency, still specialising in the higher education sector. During that time, I managed a team of 10 marketing experts covering services similar to those we offer here. 

If you can’t tell, I have a passion for education! I’ve had some great roles, but I love working across various industries at Trio.   

What are some of your interests outside of work?

I am a very girly girl, so many are surprised that I’m a huge Sheffield United fan (for my sins)! I watch them regularly with my dad, and although there isn’t much to cheer about at the moment, I wouldn’t change it! 

Other than being a football fanatic, I also love interior design. I decorated my entire house myself, and I love an #Ikeahack! I used to decorate custom cakes and make personalised gifts, which was a great creative outlet.

I frequently visit Italy; I have family there and love travelling. I spend most of my free time with my daughter, Izzie. She’s in her final year of primary school and still loves girly days out with her mum. She is trying to convince me this is the Christmas we go to NYC! 

What made you want to get into digital marketing?

While studying for my bachelor’s, I worked as a Front of House Assistant at Virgin Active. After graduating, I had the opportunity to start a graduate scheme but found that my fate took me elsewhere – up into the sky. 

I worked as Cabin Crew for Virgin Atlantic, flying to unique destinations and meeting new people daily. My time at Virgin taught me a lot about brand loyalty and values.  I was in awe of Virgin’s reputation and loved how they positioned themselves. 

Fun fact: To this day, I always wear bright lipstick. It was a key part of the Virgin Atlantic uniform. There’s a science behind this: Looking fresher (even after a 12-hour shift) and wearing brighter colours releases dopamine – the feel-good hormone!

What have you enjoyed about working at Trio so far?

I’ve loved getting to know everyone and meeting clients from a variety of industries. It’s so nice to see how invested everyone is in Trio and how passionate they are about what they do. I’m excited to get working on our new digital marketing strategy and can’t wait to see what the rest of the year holds!

What advice would you give to someone working in marketing?

Be a sponge. Soak up everything – read industry news and blogs, watch trending videos on TikTok and learn from your colleagues. 

If you’re just starting in the industry, now is the time to get involved in all aspects of marketing and figure out what you enjoy and don’t. Passion for your area of expertise is so important, so find what you love and run with it! 

That’s all from Helen. If you’re looking for marketing experts to support your team, contact us today or call us at 0113 733 2020.