In this time of uncertainty and with many people working remotely, this could be the perfect time to review your marketing strategy.

Everyone has been faced with huge change. Remote working is becoming a necessity and will likely become normal practice for companies in the future. To keep productivity high and to ensure business communication doesn’t become stunted, digital marketing will be key.

There are many pros to digital marketing, particularly now at a time when face to face interactions are to be reduced. Marketing efforts are measurable, meaning that you can easily keep an eye on your ROI, and evaluating past metrics and current trends could give you a good insight into what your future marketing goals should be. Stopping your marketing now will impact your business later. Focussing on ensuring your customers know who you are and what services you offer will place you in a better position when things begin to clear.             

Our 3 Tips for Digital Marketing:

Content Marketing

Use this time as an opportunity to create content and resources for your customers. This could be blog posts around your business services, free resources and sharing information and positive messaging. Creating and sharing content across all platforms such as your website and social media will keep your business in the forefront of people’s minds, so even if they’re unable to use your services now, they know who to contact when they can.

Website Content

Does your call to action need updating as things change? Making sure that your website is conveying the right message and a clear offering at a time when things are so uncertain is extremely necessary. If your delivery of services has had to change in the short term, ensuring that your website content is updated appropriately will help to reassure your customers. Communicate any measures you have in place for the coming months and how they can contact you if needed. Adding an FAQ section may also be a helpful tool.


SEO is a time consuming, long term marketing goal. Whilst other workloads are delayed and/or unable to take place completely, putting your efforts into SEO now could be really beneficial in 3 to 6 months’ time. Use this time to do extensive market research in your field and ensure that your customers are finding your services through their most common searches and keywords. Google displays links to sites it considers to be relevant and authoritative so coincide the rest of your marketing efforts to make sure you remain relevant to your customers.

We hope the above tips provide you with a good starting point, but we welcome any digital discussions with businesses in need of more marketing guidance during this time. We’re helping local businesses in any way that we can. If there is anything we can do to help your business, please get in touch with us at: