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Take the guesswork out of marketing

Setting a business objective is straightforward. Achieving it is much harder. You need industry knowledge, marketing know-how, and tools to make it work. So what’s your next step? Get a clear, tailor-made marketing strategy.

At Trio, we create marketing strategies to meet your business goals, target your audience, and improve ROI. Our strategic approach has been established from years of working in senior roles that have grown businesses to new heights. Together with our full-service team, we develop multichannel strategies using proven techniques to get your brand noticed. The strategy we create for you will influence every action we take so everything is consistent and tied to your long-term goals.

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Bespoke marketing strategy made just for you

A marketing strategy is the blueprint for business growth. We use data and expertise to develop strategies that align your marketing efforts with your business goals. With us on your team, we’ll put your success first.

Marketing strategy creation

We blend our creativity, deep market insights, and strategic excellence to create results-driven strategies that drive growth and improve brand visibility. Our strategies have helped B2B and B2C clients make smarter decisions about where to spend their money to generate the best results.

Strategic support services

Marketing is changing all the time, and so are we. We’ll support your every move, offering the latest research and data to ensure your investments work hard for you. Partnering with us means you’ll have a dedicated team committed to achieving your long-term goals. Get the support you need from strategic marketing experts.

How we do it

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We’ll start by framing your value proposition and positioning statement with our Top 20 Reasons Exercise™ . Then, we’ll assess your marketing efforts, conduct market and competitor research, and use GWI, an audience insights platform, to learn about your target customers. Our team will use this data to make strategic decisions about growing your business.


We use proven frameworks like SWOT analysis and the AIDA model to plan your brand’s positioning and marketing for the next 12 months. We’ll set out a channel strategy and a marketing budget and outline the measurement tools and performance metrics you’ll need to monitor.


Once you’re happy, we’ll launch your new marketing plan. Our team will drive your channel strategy and implement any required marketing services. With Trio on your side, we’ll maximise your marketing efforts while you carry on with what you’re good at.

What are the benefits of a marketing strategy?

Create meaningful audience connections

A marketing strategy involves a deep understanding of what makes your audience tick. We’ll use audience research tools to analyse their demographics, interests and pain points. This information will drive your marketing campaigns and help you get noticed by the right people. Saving you time, effort and money.

Make better business decisions

Marketing strategies eliminate careless spending and replace it with smart marketing decisions. Our strategy will outline how to optimise your marketing channels and show what you need to reach your KPIs and goals. With these insights, you’ll get more success from your marketing.

Drive ROI across marketing campaigns

Our expert strategists will collaborate with your team to establish channel budgets, objectives and appropriate metrics. We’ll then use this information to track costs and performance across your marketing campaigns, helping you maximise ROI.

Why our clients love us

Results-led approach

We use leading audience research and analytics tools, like GWI and Google Analytics, to make strategic choices based on facts, not fiction.

Collaborative team

We’re your strategic marketing partner that works as an extension of your team. Everything we do is to help you succeed.

Marketing experts

We have all the knowledge, strategic expertise and marketing tools to move you forward.

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