Our culture

The place where people matter

By culture, we mean a shared way of life – a collection of values, attitudes and behaviours. It’s all about how we treat others and what we’re passionate about.

We work hard, we’re passionate and knowledgeable, we care about what we do, and we use our freedom to shape the future. We’re purpose-driven and client-first, putting our client’s success at the heart of everything we do. It’s a culture of trust, accountability, passion and determination. How we succeed is through our shared values, empowering us to be in it together.

Our values

Some companies hide their values in handbooks, never seeing the light of day. Here at Trio, we live by each and every one. Our values remind us to do better every day, so we’re one step closer to achieving our goals.


Hard work

Hard work has got us where we are and will help us achieve our vision. It’s how we’ll win. We put the work in when times are tough and will be the reason why our clients partner with us over the competition.


Passion lives in each of us and motivates us to work hard every day. We’re passionate people, passionate about achieving something amazing. Our clients' success is our success, and we’ll do everything to help them grow.


We exist in service of our clients. We care about how they feel, what they do and what we can do for them. We care for each other, making sure everyone feels heard. You’re never alone when you work at Trio.


We’re hungry for knowledge and always looking for new ways to develop our skills and get better outcomes for our clients. We learn the ins and outs of our clients, diving deep into their customers to determine how we’ll market for them.


Passion, care and hard work. When done right, we’re awarded the freedom to make our own choices and enjoy a work/life balance others strive for. Our autonomy frees us to go beyond expectations, not below.

Building a culture people love

Hybrid working

Work better in dead silence? Or thrive in a busy office? Everyone works differently, so we’ll ensure you get the most out of your day. We’ll accommodate your needs and give you all the kit you require. Plus, you’re free to work abroad up to 30 days a year, so you can get inspired elsewhere.


We trust you to get your work done at a time that works for you and your team. You can tailor your working days and hours around your childcare commitments and appointments. You can even start and finish earlier to avoid rush hour traffic.

Continuous development

We’re creating great leaders in marketing, design and development, which means we’ll never stop you from growing. We’ll develop your skills with regular training and hold knowledge-sharing sessions with the wider team so you can see how all our services align.


We have annual awards ceremonies and share kudos in our monthly meetings. Each winner gets a bonus, alongside fun team activities every month. You’ll also have access to Pirx, which includes everything from discounted shopping to free 24/7 GP services.

“I feel so grateful to be part of the Trio team. From day one, I’ve felt supported, and that has only enhanced my career. I genuinely enjoy coming to work. Sure, there are challenging days, but as a team, we use every challenge as an opportunity, always putting emphasis on learning and progression. We embrace flexibility, and it drives hard work!”


Jamie-lee Johnson
Head of Operations

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