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Are you posting on social media just for the sake of it? Don’t have a social media strategy? Did we catch you nodding your head? We thought so. The social media game has changed drastically. Keeping up with these changes leaves many brands churning content into dead air. All your hard work may go nowhere. But we’re here to help.

Trio is a digital marketing agency specialising in social media strategies for thriving brands. We create content that aligns with rapidly changing platform algorithms. It will stay true to your brand and push a narrative your online community will love. Our creatives are skilled in social media management, helping brands build awareness and spark conversations.

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Organic social media services

We make social media content worth talking about. Our team creates content for major social media platforms that work best for your industry.

Facebook marketing

We’re a Meta Business Partner, which gives us the tools and knowledge to run successful organic and paid social media campaigns. Facebook continues to be the biggest social media platform in the world, so why miss out? Our experts specialise in creating static and video posts, channel monitoring and management.

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Instagram marketing

Instagram is a visual playground of stories, reels, posts, and live broadcasts. We’ll maximise your presence with compelling storytelling, regular posting, optimised hashtags, and on-trend video content. We’ll also curate your feed to attract users as they view your profile.

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TikTok marketing

TikTok opens your brand to highly engaged audiences who want to hear from you. We’ll jump on meaningful trends, grab attention with music and video editing, and optimise your content for TikTok search. As a TikTok Shop Partner, we can drive sales on this leading shopfront.

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LinkedIn marketing

Make your brand a thought leader amongst working professionals on the world’s biggest B2B network. We’ll create and publish on-brand content that promotes your brand’s expertise and brings in leads. Our team will manage your profile and ensure your community remains engaged.

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How we do it

Natalie Metcalf

Social Media Manager


First, we establish your social media goals, learn about your brand, and get to know your audience. Then, we’ll set up or optimise your business accounts and plan your monthly content calendar around key events and company news. We’ll also schedule reactive posts as trends and industry developments occur.


With an agreed-upon plan, you’ll collaborate with us on our social media management system. You can review and comment on all your posts, video content, and accompanying captions. We’ll make edits, and once you’re happy, we’ll schedule them and regularly check in with your social accounts.


We offer a custom reporting solution that analyses your channel performance and highlights areas for improvement. This refines our approach over time, securing better results time and time again.

Why is social media marketing important?

Boost brand awareness

Social media gets your brand’s voice heard on the world’s biggest platforms. Connect with targeted communities, start conversations with industry leaders and encourage users to convert. With effective posting, we’ll help you increase traffic, sales and leads.

Build a loyal fanbase

Creating content tailored to your target audience will help you make lasting, meaningful connections. With regular posting, curious users will become followers. And followers will become advocates. You’ll hear directly from your audience and build a loyal community that increases your organic reach.

Support your wider marketing efforts

Social media marketing is an agile tool that integrates seamlessly with your digital marketing strategy. You can support your goals across paid social, PPC and SEO and ensure your brand has maximum organic and paid reach. An integrated approach like this will increase your ROI and overall results.

Why our clients love us

Meta Business and TikTok Shop partner

We have strong relationships with major social platforms and extensive experience running successful organic and paid campaigns.

Social media specialists

Our extensive team is skilled in strategy, content creation, video, copywriting and paid social advertising.

Data-driven content

We create content that aligns with social algorithms, business goals and community interests. We’ll constantly review and refine your strategy as data comes in.

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