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Your identity. Your story. Perfectly designed.

Your brand is powerful, and it demands attention. Connect your purpose with people who want to hear from you and stand confident with a brand identity that captivates and influences.

We design impactful brand identities and stories for established and upcoming companies. These brands trust us to build their presence and create meaningful connections through design. From rebranding and brand identity activation to honing your messaging with a compelling tone of voice. Our mission is to make an impact.

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Expert branding services

We create brand identities that people come to love, value and never forget.

Brand identity development

We help companies develop a brand identity that reflects their unique personality, values and positioning. We’ll define your ambitions and craft stories that resonate with your audience. Our designers will develop a collection of visual assets – whether it’s a logo, graphics or website design, to build trust at every touch point.

Brand guidelines

Consistency, consistency, consistency — that’s what makes a successful brand. A set of brand guidelines ensures that anything you write, design or market stays uniquely you and on-brand. We’ll become your brand ambassador, creating a tell-all document about your identity, story, and values. This will guide your team and ours, ensuring everyone remains on the same page.

Tone of voice

We’re storytellers at heart, working closely with companies to craft their brand voice. We’ll establish your personality, tone of voice and key messaging. Guide you on how to express yourself and identify ways to connect with your audience at a deeper level. Your tone of voice will sit within your brand guidelines to ensure you stay on-brand on any channel.

How we do it

Gary Hanna

Head of Design


We’ll gather information about your business, values, mission and goals for your branding project. After the discovery session, we’ll analyse your target audience, identifying key opportunities and pain points to shape your positioning. Our team will also review the competition and offer compelling ideas to make your brand stand out.


Armed with actionable insights, we’ll now perfect your brand. We’ll define your positioning—your values, mission, and what sets you apart. Next, we’ll move on to your brand identity, creating visual elements like your logo, colour palette, and typography. Our copywriters will work with the designers to craft your brand story, tagline, and tone of voice. Through feedback and collaboration, we’ll achieve an outcome we’re all proud of.


After you’ve signed off on our work, we can support the rollout of all brand collateral. We’ll apply your branding across various touch points, including website design, social media, and advertising. Once you’ve launched, we’ll be on hand to see how it went and assist with any further marketing assets.

Why is branding so important?

Grow brand awareness

Branding gives your company a personality. It goes beyond showing what you sell or do. Instead, a brand allows you to connect with your audience at a much deeper level. Good branding will make your business memorable, helping your audience recognise your business on every channel.

Influence buyer decisions

55% of brand first impressions are visual. Impactful brand identities build credibility in the buying process. They spark curiosity, demand action and create personalities your audience can’t help but buy from. With better influence, your branding will bring better results for your marketing efforts. Results that get you paid and keep your brand above the competition.

Increase customer loyalty

Trust means everything in business. In fact, 81% of consumers need to trust a brand before buying. Professional branding helps show prospective customers that you’re a credible business with valued products or services. We’ll give your brand a purpose and a story all your customers will buy into – time and time again.

Why our clients love us

Branding consultants

We’re skilled in rebranding and creating new identities for established and growing companies.

Creative outcomes

As a digital marketing agency, we’ll help you make your mark with unforgettable web design, content creation and copywriting.

Your brand ambassador

Our designers ensure every brand asset is consistent and reflects your personality.

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