4 Day Work Week: How the 4 day week is going 1 year on


Last year, we started the 4 day work week trial with over 60 companies in the UK. Even though the pilot ended in December, we’re still working a 4 day week a year on and will continue doing so in the future.

In this blog, we’ll dive into the UK 4 day work week, what we’ve learned and how it’s going for the Trio Media team.

How does a 4 day week work?


The four day week consists of working 32 hours a week over four days with no decrease in pay. Many believe a 4 day week involves squeezing 40 hours into 4 days. This is not the case. The 4 day week campaign aims for a shorter working week consisting of a standard 8-hour shift within normal working hours.

The pilot originally included participating businesses from the marketing/advertising sector, professional services and charities/non-profits. As a digital marketing agency, we’re always looking to innovate and improve our way of working – both for our clients and team. The 4 day week doesn’t consist of closing up shop during the week.

At Trio, we implemented a staggered working week. This consists of half the team having Monday off and the other half having Friday off. There’s always someone in the office, so you never need to worry about us missing your call.

What did we learn from the 4 day work week trial? 


The 4 day work week has no one-size-fits-all model. It will impact every business in every industry differently. We hit some bumps in the road and learnt from our mistakes during the pilot to make the four day week work for our team.

The biggest thing we learnt was to have a flexible approach when handling holidays. As we take a staggered week, it meant that on some Mondays and Fridays, we’d be short on people if our team was to take annual leave on those days. We now allow the team to swap days off so holidays can get accepted and to have enough cover available.

We started the four day week to become more productive. Moving to a shorter week made significant changes to how we work and how we use our time. Our CEO, Claire Daniels, organises regular workshops to assess efficiency levels and set out a plan of action for any improvements.

Are 4 day work weeks more productive?


A shorter working week is significantly more productive and beneficial for your team. The pilot results showed improved employee well-being, with 62% finding it easier to combine work with their social life. On top of this, 71% had reduced levels of burnout at the end of the trial.

Happier employees result in better work. And this is true at Trio. During the six-month pilot, we achieved a 33% increase in revenue compared to the period before the trial (January to May). These amazing results boil down to a positive workplace culture that respects and trusts our team through a 4 day work week.

How it’s going now 


Now a year on, we’re still celebrating our successes from a 4 day week. During this time, we’ve boosted productivity and employee happiness, increased turnover, reduced sick leave and become a more collaborative, connected business.

ITV news film day for the 4 day work week results  ITV news film day with Jamie-lee for the 4 day work week results

Outside of this, our CEO has been invited to events and workshops and interviewed by multiple news outlets. Jeremy Kyle even interviewed Claire ! Across all this PR frenzy, we continued to increase revenue and our reach to prospects. 

Introducing: 4 Day Week Planner


Looking to disrupt the world of work with a 4 day week? We’re here to support you. This year, Claire Daniels launched the 4 day week planner.

Claire Daniel's 4 Day Week Planner

The 4 day week planner shapes your day to achieve maximum productivity and efficiency in a shorter working week. Write out your key priorities, note your schedule and track the progress of your four day work week all in one streamlined planner.

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If you’re interested in learning more about the four day work week and our digital marketing services, contact us today or call us at 0113 733 2020. We’re always happy to chat.