5 Digital Marketing Trends Shaping Construction

The construction sector is one of the most dynamic industries in the world, with UK revenue projected to amount to £277331 million in 2021 and an annual growth rate of 8.67% from 2021 to 2024.

As construction brands in the UK and beyond look to continue their growth, digital marketing is going to become even more important. This is because more B2B and B2C consumers are shopping online than ever before, and you need to be able to connect with them wherever they are searching.

There are many digital marketing trends that are shaping the construction industry in 2021 and we’ve listed five of them.

  1. Optimised site navigation
  2. Video marketing
  3. Digital events and webinars
  4. Influencer marketing
  5. Chatbots

1.    Optimised site navigation

Your website is the beating heart of your online construction business and it needs to be able to attract your audience and meet their needs from the moment they arrive. While optimised site navigation is nothing new, it’s a trend that we see being reinforced throughout 2021 and beyond.

To ensure you create an exceptional user experience for customers, focus on providing valuable product information, optimising content across all pages, building strong internal links and helping people navigate towards the most relevant pages.

2.    Video marketing

Another trend that’s sure to dominate construction marketing for years to come is video. It’s one of the most popular forms of content marketing, educating and entertaining viewers. 

Construction brands can harness video to show a more human side of the business and break down technical information. One example would be to offer a behind-the-scenes YouTube video on a new product that’s being launched so viewers can see how it’s made.

Another example would be for a Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) brand to produce a video that shows their equipment being used in a practical setting and highlight the real-world applications.

3.    Digital events and webinars

A digital marketing trend that’s sure to continue in a post-COVID-19 pandemic world is the popularity of webinars.

Hosting webinars and digital events is a great way to share valuable information and generate leads. In fact, B2B brands have generated between 500 to 1000 leads per webinar and that same level engagement can be transferred into the construction sector.

A provider of construction vehicles could set up a roundtable with experts in the space to talk about industry trends and best practices. The webinar could then be promoted via social media and invite attendees to send in their questions ahead of the event, creating added engagement.

4.    Influencer marketing

When the word ‘influencer’ comes to mind, construction may not be the sector you initially think of. However, there’s a great opportunity for brands in the space to connect with thought leaders and promote their services on a wider scale through influencer marketing.

A good example would be for an equipment manufacturer to work with an architect via Instagram and have their products highlighted in the architect’s latest project. 

Another option is a manufacturer working with an influencer to create a PDF of recommended products and the reasons they used each one. This type of content not only highlights the influencer’s expertise, it shows the practical application of the products.

5.    Chatbots

Chatbots are another trend that construction companies can leverage to build stronger customer relationships. They are particularly useful in an industry where speed is valued in the answering of questions. This would certainly benefit architects and construction managers who don’t always have time to sift through vast quantities of product information.

A chatbot has the ability to answer multiple questions and gather information that can be passed to a sales rep. This speeds up the customer journey and allows key stakeholders to have a better indication of what their audience is looking for.

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