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Globally, users spend an average of 2 hours a day scrolling social media networks. All this time, data and insight make social media advertising an area you don’t want to miss out on. Breaking through the noise, however, is another thing. But with Trio as your partner, we’ll help you catch attention and drive business growth.

As Meta, TikTok and LinkedIn Marketing Partners, we offer all the help you need to manage your social ad campaigns. Using Global Web Index (GWI), we’ll build custom audiences based on target demographics, interests and behaviours. We’ll shape your paid social strategy with creative assets or guide your team if you’re creating content in-house. Our experts will manage your budget and bidding, track conversions, A/B test audiences and ad content and recommend landing page changes.


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Scroll-stopping paid social ad services

We create social ad campaigns designed for the buyer’s journey. We’ll build brand awareness, spark interest and drive conversions.

Meta Ads

The Meta platforms, Facebook and Instagram, offer powerful and highly targeted advertising features to connect with millions of users. As Meta partners, we’re skilled at creating profitable campaigns that combine custom targeting, engaging ad content, and strategic optimisations. We’ll also increase your ROI with other campaign types, including remarketing and lookalike audience expansion.

TikTok Ads

As a TikTok partner, we know what it takes to create scroll-stopping ads. We create immersive experiences that combine trending music, creative tools and video content to connect with your custom and lookalike audiences. Whatever your goal, our tailored TikTok Ad campaigns will drive brand awareness, increase online sales and turn prospects into leads.

LinkedIn Ads

LinkedIn is the world’s biggest professional network, helping B2B brands reach their business objectives. We use LinkedIn’s advanced audience insights to reach new and existing prospects based on demographics, location, job role and business. From inMail to dynamic ads, we know how to expand your reach and generate qualified leads as trusted LinkedIn marketing partners.

Pinterest Ads

Pinterest has over 400 million users looking for things to do, make, or buy. We’ll reach the right audience through automated targeting, topic-interest keywords and customer lists. We’ll also expand your audience by targeting actalikes, which are users similar to your existing audience. We’ll promote your brand and products in the home feed, using interactive ad types such as Direct to Site shopping ads or image and video formats that support the buyer’s journey.

Snapchat Ads

Snapchat ads allow e-commerce and B2C brands to engage with younger shoppers ready to buy from you. Snapchat offers high-impact ad formats promoting your products in Single or Video ads and Story and Spotlight ad placements. We use Snapchat’s precise targeting tool to connect with younger audiences and help your brand convert.

How we do it

Natalie Metcalf

Social Media Manager


We’ll conduct a fact-finding session where we learn about your brand and dig deep into your target audience, existing customer insights, goals, challenges, and how you’re currently performing across organic social. Our team will use this data alongside research from GWI, an audience insights tool, to create custom audiences for your strategy.


We’ll develop your paid media strategy, covering budget allocation, media planning and creative concepts. We’ll select key metrics for tracking ad performance and outline a strategic plan to drive awareness, consideration or conversions. We can provide content ideas, such as video ideas for TikToks or IG Reels, to use in your ads. If you need ad asset creation, we can create effective assets tailored to your customers' needs.


After approval, we’ll set up your ad campaigns across your chosen platforms. Our custom reporting tool will summarise all your data and highlight which campaigns drive performance. We’ll look for ways to keep costs low and optimise live ads to maintain revenue growth.

Why are paid social ads effective?

Build brand recognition

An effective paid social strategy helps you cut through the noise and gain greater feed visibility for your ad content. We’ll promote your brand to millions of users and create meaningful interactions with engaging static and dynamic content. We’ll use social-proofing tactics, like User-Generated Content, to demonstrate customer satisfaction and boost brand loyalty.

Increase conversion rates

Advertising platforms, like Meta, LinkedIn and TikTok, have strategic targeting features that help you reach people likely to convert. We’ll run conversion-driven campaigns that direct your audience to your website and retarget them when they leave. Our social ads will drive website traffic and influence buying decisions so they convert.

Measure your success

Making strategic decisions over your paid social advertising requires the latest insights and data. We use each platform’s ad manager to measure performance and optimise campaigns for optimum reach. We’ll track clicks, reach and engagement and A/B test creatives to see what brings in the best ROI.

Why our clients love us

Marketing partners

We’re recognised by Meta and TikTok for successful ad campaigns that drive growth.

Full-service approach

We’ll manage your entire paid ads strategy, from content creation and ads management to reporting.

Meaningful results

We’ve helped B2C and B2B brands grow awareness, engagement, traffic and conversions with paid ads.

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