It’s that time of the month again. We’re back with a digital marketing news round up and August 2021 has been fast-moving month for social media. Platforms like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter have all been testing new features to be at the forefront of consumer attention.

Let’s take a closer look at what’s been going on.


Unlock the full potential of Instagram Reels with a new algorithm report

Instagram published an overview report of Instagram Reels, providing deeper insight into how brands can make full use of the feature. A lot of great information is covered, including how Instagram shows Reels to users, the factors that boost the reach of Reels and more.

Goodbye swipe-up Stories links, hello link stickers 

Instagram also announced the removal of swipe-up links in Instagram Stories in favour of link stickers. What this means is that users will benefit from a streamlined Stories creation process and have more creative control with how links are presented.

There’s also the possibility of increasing engagement and click-through rate because users can receive fast reactions with sticker link CTAs. 


Introducing Facebook Reels

In a move that should surprise no one, Facebook has pushed back against the popularity of TikTok with a new short form video feature. Facebook Reels is currently being tested in the US and shares similarities with Instagram Reels.

The social media giant has also given Instagram creators the ability to share their Reels to Facebook.


Twitter moves further into the eCommerce industry with Shop Module

All the major social media platforms have dipped into the eCommerce sector and Twitter is no different. A new feature called the Shop Module is being tested in the US and allows brands to showcase their products directly in Twitter.

When people visit the Shop Module, they’re able to scroll through a product carousel. Next, they tap through to each item to learn more and purchase in the platform.


Tap into unique aesthetics with YouTube’s culture and trend report

YouTube has provided an in-depth report about trending aesthetics that are being used in popular videos on the platform. From Y2K aesthetics of the early 2000s to moody dark academia, these trends are unpacked in detail.

The report is useful for video creators and brands who want to tap into these pop culture veins and create engaging YouTube content.

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