Another month, another round up of the most intriguing and important stories to come out of the digital marketing industry. Trio Media is focused on keeping you updated on the latest happenings across sectors like social media and SEO and here are the stories that caught our attention for June 2021:

Social media 

Instagram bring Reel ads to the world

Instagram have moved ahead with the expansion of Reel ads, making it available in countries all over the world. Reels have developed into one of the most engaging forms of content on Instagram and it’ll be fascinating to see how the feature continues to develop in the future.

Pinterest drives forward with virtual ads

As part of a campaign with Volkswagen, Pinterest debuted a new interactive ad experience. The ad provides a 360-degree view of the inside of the new Volkswagen ID.4 electric SUV.

This kind of ad opens new opportunities for how brands could promote their products and services on Pinterest and lead to the creation of more virtual ads.

Spotify introduces new social audio app

Spotify has thrown its hat into the social audio ring with the creation of Greenroom. Rather than being a new product, Greenroom is an update on an existing app called Locker Room, which Spotify acquired in March 2021.

Greenroom offers many of the same features as other social audio apps and can also turn live chat rooms into podcasts.


Google reduces FAQ rich results to two per snippet

Google has made a change to FAQ rich results that appear in search results. Originally, Google showed several FAQ rich results and has now limited it to two.

What this means from an SEO perspective is that the amount of snippet real estate available to brands has become smaller. Yet at the same time, it may cause businesses to appear higher in search engines because there are less FAQ rich results taking up space.

Shopify site owners get the green light to edit robots.txt files

Shopify created a feature called robots.txt liquid theme template for site owners to be able to edit robots.txt files. This is a significant step forward because it’s been one of the most requested updates by Shopify users and has important implications for Shopify SEO.

As robot.txt files can now be edited, users have more control over how on-site content is crawled via search engines. This means site owners can disallow specific URLs from being crawled and more.

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