digital marketing news round up 2021


It’s time for another digital marketing news round up and September 2021 has been a month of exciting developments in the digital marketing sector. From new social media features to informative SEO content, here are all the top stories we’ve gathered!


Social Media


Twitter tests new full-width images and videos on iOS


Twitter has launched a live test of a full-width display for in-stream tweets, which involve images, GIFs and videos being featured together. The rounded corners of the current display have also been removed.


This is important because there is a better use of space in how tweets are presented and videos and photos are larger to create more impact. The new test highlights the evolving visual benefits of Twitter and the importance of a great social media user experience.


The rise of Twitter eCommerce continues with Purchases function


In recent months, Twitter has also been gearing up for a big eCommerce push with new shopping features. One of the latest is Purchases, a tab that appears in user-profiles and is tied to the Super Followers and Twitter Spaces features. When the Purchases tab is pressed, a record of subscriptions and ticketed Spaces purchases appears and it’s likely that this option will expand to buying products through Twitter too.


YouTube expands Community feature to more users


YouTube announced the expansion of the Community tab, changing the 1000 channel subscribers requirement to 500. The Community feature acts as another way for YouTube creators to interact with subscribers by setting up polls, creating conversions with GIFs, asking questions and more.


By giving more channels access to the feature, YouTube has provided more marketing opportunities for content creators and it should become available to all channels in the future.




Google in talks with Instagram and TikTok to index videos


Instagram and TikTok are two of the biggest social media platforms in the world and brands who use them frequently could benefit from a surge of traffic and brand awareness in the near future.


Google is negotiating with Instagram and TikTok to index content in search results. This means that a popular Instagram or TikTok video could potentially show up in Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs).


Search Engine Journal launches new SEO report


The SEO industry is always changing and Search Engine Journal has created an awesome report on the most important SEO best practices and trends for 2021 and beyond.


Some of the key insights that are covered include:


  • SEO challenges and threats
  • Trends and opportunities for improving search rankings
  • SEO client expectations and how to work with different budgets


Google announces new advertiser pages


In a bid to improve ad transparency and help shoppers find out more about advertisers before making a purchase, Google is introducing advertiser pages.


When using this feature, shoppers will be able to see the advertiser’s brand name, location, why they are seeing the ad and other ads that have been posted in the past 30 days.


Creating ethical and relevant ads is an important part of getting your products viewed in Google so this will benefit brands in the long run. Expect advertiser pages to be rolled out worldwide in 2022.


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