At Trio Media we’re used to having the same conversation with small business owners about their web presence. As a small business owner, you may now have a website that you feel is not too bad. You may also be sick of marketing types telling you that your website is important as it ‘says everything about your brand’.

But, the truth is – they’re right! You can get away with creating a decent-looking website with a DIY website builder such as Squarespace or WordPress – but that’s all it will ever be… a DIY job. Unfortunately, producing your own website can be very time consuming and, because you’re the one who has to update it, it can feel like a constant work in progress. It’s easy to critique your own work and branding choices, causing you to re-model the website again and again and again.

User Experience (UX) and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) are also an issue as DIY websites are notoriously slower than sites that have been built for purpose, professionally. Google also ranks slower-to-load websites a lot lower in the search results as it values UX so highly. You could find yourself spending hours researching and trying to implement decent SEO, to only move a couple of spaces up in Google results.

What’s more is that what may look like a bargain to start with, adds up each year you use it. Meanwhile, some professional web design companies offer website design and development as a specialism which can even include free amends and web hosting – so you don’t have anything to worry about. Trio Media for example can do all this and handle your SEO woes like a walk in the park. No sweat for you and great results for your website.

In essence, if you decide to build your own website, you’re falling into the trap of doing a job that you shouldn’t really be doing yourself. The same way you wouldn’t leave your accountant and do your own books, you shouldn’t be creating and maintaining your own site – not if you want return on investment and results in the long run.
Remember – there’s nothing more expensive than a cheap website!