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My week of work experience at Trio has flown by and has been a blast! All of the team here have been so accommodating and welcoming that I truly felt like I was a part of the actual team. My week has been full of different tasks and has been really insightful into the working of a media orientated company.

Day 1:

On my first day, I was greeted by Claire, who introduced me to everyone in the office and gave me a quick tour of the space. Then she sat with me to discuss some plans and projects for the week and get some more info of what I wanted to get out of the experience. After scrolling through TikTok for a while and thinking of potential ideas, I was given my first task: to create a video montage for Trio’s client, Lily, and their experience at Tough Mudder. During this day, I was also introduced to the vlog, which is great to be a part of! 

Day 2:

On Tuesday, I immediately got to work creating some TikToks with Kaitlyn – I had to put on my best lipsyncing, acting and dancing shoes! Then, I edited some photos using Lightroom. Using Canva, I prepared them for Instagram posting. For the majority of the rest of the day, I spent my time compiling a spreadsheet. It was quite time-consuming, but it allowed me to see the admin side of marketing agencies. As it was so hot, the team and I spent some time outside having ice-creams!

Day 3:

This next day, I edited a clip of the recent Running Riot podcast episode to be uploaded on TikTok. Then, in Canva, I made some Instagram story graphics about some recent Spotify app news (which also created another opportunity to promote the podcast in another graphic!) Near the end of the day, I was invited to sit in a meeting with Claire (CEO) and Colleen (Senior Account Manager) as they discussed a website project. It was really interesting to hear terminology that I’ve learnt being used in real conversation.

Day 4:

On this day, I spent most of my time editing more podcast clips to upload to TikTok. I prepared these with captions and hashtags so they are ready to post. As well as this, I also edited the TikTok from Tuesday by adding text and other necessary things to them. The whole office also had a pizza party to celebrate some team members’ birthdays coming up, which was great. To end the day, Claire invited me to watch her speak in a webinar by LeadForensics which talked about increasing high-quality traffic to a website. This was very interesting and it was cool to hear people so passionate and experienced give so many tips. I also recorded this in order to use it as material for creating clips.

Day 5:

Friday consisted of editing the webinar footage that I filmed the day before. I edited the footage into a shorter and more digestible video for TikTok/Instagram Reels. Some of the advice that was given in the webinar was helpful here, such as getting the viewers attention immediately so they don’t scroll. In the morning, I also uploaded the Instagram story graphics that I created previously. 

Overall, my week here has been amazing. It has given me much more insight into the media industry and the hard work that goes on behind the scenes. It has also shown me how much fun there is to be had in working as a team. Thanks to the entire Trio team for being so welcoming and allowing me to spend the week with you!