At Trio Media, helping to create a more sustainable future is something we’re passionate about and we recognise that climate change and deforestation continue to be worldwide issues that must be addressed.

In 2020 alone, the world lost over 30 million acres of tropical forest, which is nearly an acre per second. This unrestrained deforestation has dumped 2.64 gigatonnes of carbon dioxide into our atmosphere, roughly seven times the UK’s annual emissions.

That’s why we’re pleased to support our charity partner Rainforest Trust UK for Earth Day 2021 in their mission to fight climate change. As part of this fight, Rainforest Trust UK has launched the Rainforest Climate Action fund.

Making a difference with the Rainforest Climate Action fund

The Rainforest Climate Action fund has been set up to support Rainforest Trust UK projects that defend tropical forests that store and sequester large quantities of carbon. The goal is to permanently lock up 15 billion tonnes of carbon by 2025 and you can do your part by donating towards the fund.

By making a donation, your contributions will go towards supporting high-impact projects in the forests of Bolivia and Ecuador.

Bolivia is ranked third in the world for forest loss and in 2020, nearly 10% of the whole forest burned. Ecuador’s Choco rainforest is the fourth most important biodiversity hub in the world, housing a wide range of endangered wildlife. It’s vital that these areas are safeguarded so carbon remains locked away.

Donations have already made a huge impact, as Rainforest Trust UK has been able to protect over 34 million acres of rainforest and continue to make a difference.

Donate for Earth Day 2021

Trio Media is proud to continue to support Rainforest Trust UK and you can also help to make a difference on Earth Day 2021. 

Donate to the Rainforest Climate Action fund today and your money will be doubled for twice the impact.