Podcasts are awesome, aren’t they? 

Easy to listen to, packed full of useful information and entertaining, it’s no wonder podcasts have become one of the most popular content mediums on the planet.

We love listening to podcasts at Trio Media and we’ve come up with a list of inspirational podcasts that reflect our own interests and desire to learn more about the world. From self-esteem to Stoicism, here are some of the team’s favourite podcasts.

Our account executive Nichola Young has a range of podcasts she takes inspiration from:

The Receipts Podcast

Nichola’s favourite podcast ever is The Receipts Podcast, a down-to-earth and empowering women’s led podcast by the trio of Milena SanchezAudrey The Finest and Tolly T.

On The Receipts Podcast, the girls dig into a wide range of issues, from the bonds of sisterhood to the power of being a female boss. Plus, the energy of all three of the hosts will keep you captivated and listening for hours.

The Digital Marketing Babes

Started by marketing professionals Amber Lovell and Alice Rath, The Digital Marketing Babes is a wonderful digital marketing podcast for people across the sector and businesses who want up to up their marketing game. 

Amber and Alice cover a range of interesting topics, from growing your TikTok following to understanding the psychology behind marketing.

All of the episodes are easy to digest, running from anywhere between 4 minutes to under an hour and you get plenty of great insight no matter what the subject is.

The Baggage Reclaim Sessions

Hosted by Natalie Lue, The Baggage Reclaim Sessions is a powerful story about reclaiming self-esteem and overcoming trauma.

Natalie’s journey towards overcoming a life-threatening disease and living life on her own terms is transformative and she instills The Baggage Reclaim Sessions with that energy in every episode.

Topics on the show include how to set boundaries, giving yourself permission to rest, getting through criticism and much more.

Jamie Ryder, our content manager, recommends these podcasts:

The Daily Stoic

Run by Ryan Holiday, The Daily Stoic is a podcast that’s dedicated to the philosophy of Stoicism and how the ancient wisdom of people like Marcus Aurelius and Epictetus can be applied to the modern-day.

The Daily Stoic features a range of insightful content, from short, Stoic meditations on how to prepare for the day, to deep dive episodes where Holiday interviews Stoics from different industries.

Sake On Air

Jamie has an interest in Japanese culture and also recommends Sake On Air to anyone else who’s ever been bitten by the travel bug, or wants to learn more about the hospitality industry in Japan.

Sake On Air is a podcast that focuses on Japan’s national drinks, such as sake and shochu and how the industry is evolving around the world.

The passion of the hosts is infectious and if you’ve never drank sake before listening to the show, you may be tempted after one episode.

Myths and Legends

Started by Jason Weiser, the Myths and Legends podcast is ideal for anyone who’s interested in folklore or mythology. What’s great about the podcast is that Weiser puts a funny spin on all the legends he speaks about and makes them more accessible to modern audiences.

There’s also a timeless quality to the stories that are told on the podcast and highlights the importance of storytelling in our daily lives.

Trio Media’s CEO, Claire Daniels has got some great podcasts to share:

BossBabe Podcast

A must-listen podcast for ambitious women everywhere, BossBabe is hosted by marketing powerhouses Natalie Ellis and Danielle Canty. 

The podcast features lots of practical tips on how you can grow your business, supercharge your side hustles, build a social media presence and overcome self-doubt.

Nothing Much Happens

The Nothing Much Happens podcast is Claire’s secret weapon when she’s finding it hard to sleep and would describe it as bedtime stories for adults.

The podcast was created by meditation and yoga teacher Katheryn Nicolai with the intention of taking away the stress of a long day and making it easier for you to settle down for a good night’s rest.

When listening to the podcast, you’ll be rocked to sleep by Nicolai’s dream-like voice and ethereal storytelling. 

Account executive Darren Lenox recommends these two podcasts:

Marketing School

Run by Neil Patel and Eric Sui, Marketing School is an exceptional digital marketing podcast that covers industry insights and news.

Patel and Sui combine their years of experience into quick and actionable episodes about a range of topics, including organic search, blogging, social audio and more.  

Hardcore History

Outside of work, Darren’s favourite podcast is Hardcore History from Dan Carlin. A mixture of drama, epic storytelling and interviews with historians and authors, the podcast will take you on a journey through the most influential moments in human history.

Darren also recommends listening to the Wrath of The Khans, a series of episodes that focuses on Genghis Khan and the Mongol Empire.

Listen to Trio Media’s podcasts

We hope you’ve found this list of podcasts to be inspiring as we do and we’d also like to mention that we host two podcasts.

The first is North Star Podcast, which focuses on helping people find their purpose through navigating things such as career changes, setting up a business and adapting in times of uncertainty.

The second is Bobble Pod, to which Claire contributes alongside Bobble Digital on the latest digital marketing trends and news.