Voice Marketing And The New Digital Frontier


The digital marketing industry is never static. New trends and technology are always pushing the sector forward and one of the biggest trends to shake up the space is voice marketing and social audio apps.



From new marketing opportunities to evolving technology, there’s so much to be excited about for voice marketing. To help prepare you for what the future holds with this phenomenon, we’ve created a whitepaper called Voice Marketing And The New Digital Frontier.

What is voice marketing? 


Voice marketing is a real-time audio medium where people can communicate directly with each other in online platforms. These social audio platforms provide two-way streets for conversation and enable industry leaders to discuss a range of different topics.


Clubhouse is a strong example of a social audio app that is helping people connect in new ways and ushering in a new world of marketing potential. Since its creation, the voice marketing space has exploded and social media giants like Facebook and Twitter have thrown their hats into the ring.


Quick fire benefits of voice marketing

·      A space for authentic content: There’s the opportunity to create in the moment content for developing stronger customer relationships.

·      Become a brand authority: Businesses can use social audio platforms to showcase their expertise in new and creative ways.

·      Create a strong network: Brands can use social audio apps to network with similar organisations in their space and set up partnerships, host live rooms together and more.


What will you learn in the whitepaper?

In addition to the above points, you’ll also discover:


·      Top voice marketing stats that showcase the importance of the medium

·      The social audio apps that are at the forefront of the space

·      Ongoing challenges and how brands can turn voice marketing obstacles into a success

·      Future trends and how social audio will continue to evolve


Download your copy of Voice Marketing And The New Digital Frontier now

Now is the time to get in on the ground floor of voice marketing and use it drive your brand forward. Download a copy of the whitepaper today.


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