Meet the Team: Ben Mackrill

Ben for Meet The Team

With the four-day workweek pilot taking news media by storm, we thought it was time for a new edition of Meet the Team. Although belated, we’d like to introduce Ben Mackrill, our Client Development Manager, who joined the team near the end of 2022. 

Since joining, Ben has helped bring on exciting, new clients and find ways to solve any digital marketing or website challenges they face. Read on to hear from Ben, how he broke into the digital marketing industry, and how his last few months at Trio have been.

What is your day-to-day role at Trio Media? 

As a Client Development Manager, I build and maintain strong relationships with new and existing clients. You’ll either see me pitching and spreading the good word about Trio, or checking in with current clients to see how things are going. Other areas of my role focus on attending events, insights & market research, curating content ideas for future clients and supporting Trio’s own marketing strategy.

What did you use to do before joining Trio?

Most recently, I worked as a Business Development Manager at an integrated marketing agency where I was responsible for other agencies in the marketing, PR and web development industry. 

I used to also work in the surfing industry, doing both sales and marketing in the UK and Australia. Before moving back to the UK, I worked in sales for a surf tourism company for over 4 years. I then moved back to the UK and helped with sales and digital marketing at a surf and fashion e-commerce retailer. During my time in this role, I ran the website, handled social media, content writing and other digital marketing responsibilities. 

What are some of your interests outside of work?

As you’d expect, my big passion is surfing. I surf every week either on my own or with a group of surfers at spots in Scarborough and Whitby. I love the outdoors and enjoy other sports like rugby, hiking and going to the gym. 

What made you want to get into digital marketing?

Digital marketing is such an exciting and fast-moving industry to be a part of. I love the creativity of marketing and how you can transform an idea into something tangible. 

You can learn more about my journey into marketing in our digital marketing podcast, Running Riot. 

What have you enjoyed about working at Trio so far?

I’ve really enjoyed the agency aspect of Trio, mainly working with different clients all the time. The entire team has been great to work with and has helped me solve problems every day in new and creative ways. 

The four-day workweek has been an added bonus too! With it, I’ve become more productive and able to manage my work-life balance. I’ve spent my extra day off either surfing or renovating my house. 

What advice would you give to someone interested in working in digital marketing?

Digital marketing is such a broad term and so many different areas sit under it. I’d advise finding your niche, whether it’s content writing, SEO or PPC, and finding ways to get experience in it. Another thing to consider is if you want to work in-house or in an agency. I’ve spent time in both but especially enjoyed being part of a passionate agency at Trio.

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