It’s time for another Meet The Team interview and today we’re putting the spotlight on account executive Nichola Young. Nichola’s story is a great example of how new skills can be developed during a pandemic and how personal development comes from a huge variety of sources.

Read on to see how Nichola joined us and learn about her digital marketing inspirations!

What do you do in your day-to-day role at Trio and how did you start working for the company?

I always wanted to get into digital marketing, so I embarked on my job search during the third UK lockdown and came across Trio Media who were looking for an Account Executive. They looked so fun to work with and I wasn’t wrong!

Day-to-day you can find me helping clients get found organically on Google, managing PPC campaigns, creating social content plans, email marketing and making TikTok for Trio’s socials.

How did you get interested in digital marketing and what skills have you learned along the way to working at Trio?

I studied Marketing with Advertising at Edge Hill University and within my course we had a digital module which sparked my interest in digital marketing.

During uni and after my aim was to gain as much experience as I could to land me a role at a digital agency. Along the way to working at Trio I gained experience in social media, writing copy/scripts for radio and client management.

What do you enjoy the most about being an account executive?

What I love about my role is that I can get involved in the bigger picture of digital marketing, including SEO, PPC, social media and website design. I also love the range of clients we work with. It’s so great to support small-mid size businesses with their digital marketing.

Outside of work, what are some of your interests?

Gym, good burgers (it’s all about balance) and embroidery which I took up in lockdown and need to get back into!  

Are there any inspirational people in the digital marketing space you enjoy following and what lessons have you learned from them?

There are quite a few people from the digital marketing space that I enjoy following:

Steven Bartlett who founded Social Chain: Exceptionally creative and inspiring entrepreneur. Learnt from him that growth happens when you start doing things you’re not qualified to do. 

Carrie Rose, Founder of Rise at Seven: I learnt that SEO can be super fun and creative. Seven combine creativity and SEO to deliver bigger results.

Although influencer marketing has grown huge in recent years with influencers from platforms like YouTube and Instagram, I think the next big thing in this space is micro-influencers. Micro-influencers can really shine on TikTok, as the platform is raw and personalised and you’re able to reach niche audiences with your content.

What’s your best advice for anyone who’s interested into working in the digital marketing sector?

Google Digital Garage is a great place to start to learn some digital skills for free. I would also say reach out to local businesses in your area and help them develop a social media strategy – it’s a good experience and great if you’re CV is lacking digital marketing skills.

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