The Trio Media team is made up of a wonderful mixture of creatives and marketers who’re passionate about digital marketing. We’d like to introduce you to each of them with our Meet The Team series and the spotlight today is being placed on our account manager Colleen Kelly.

Read on to learn more about Colleen’s story, how she became a part of the team and who is inspiring her in the digital marketing space.

Let’s start with your day-to-day role at Trio Media and when you started.

I met the Trio Media team in my previous role as they were building a new website for the company at the time. I started working for Trio Media in July 2020 as Content Manager and in 2021 was promoted to Account Manager. 

My day-to-day role includes client management, campaign management, SEO, social media management, building email campaigns and website design.

How did you get into the digital marketing industry?  

I’ve always had a passion for marketing and corporate communications which is an essential component of digital marketing. I got my degree in Corporate Communications in South Africa and knew it was an industry I’d enjoy working in.

What is it about Trio Media that gets you excited and how do you bring that energy into your role?

It may sound cliché but working for Trio Media feels so surreal. You see amazing workplaces in movies and series, but I never thought they existed, yet here I am.

We work well together and build relationships with our clients which makes coming to work a dream. I’m a very bubbly, energetic person and being able to be myself in the workplace is something I’m so grateful for.

Coming from South Africa, have you seen any particular differences between how digital marketing agencies operate in the UK compared to SA?

I worked for one company in South Africa before moving abroad, but it was actually a UK-based company, so I didn’t notice much of a difference between the two countries.

There’s plenty of inspiring women in the digital marketing space and it’d be great to hear about some of the women who inspire you.

I’m a big fan of Fran Luckin, the Chief Creative Officer of Grey Africa. She’s one of the most influential South African women in the world and has won a lot of awards for her marketing work.

Another woman who inspires me is the Head of Facebook Africa, Nunu Ntshingila. I find her story really inspiring and she continues to uplift women in Africa and all over the world with her dedication to digital marketing. 

Social media is ever changing so I always find myself excited about what the next social media trend is going to be and how we can use it to benefit our clients and company.

Where do you see your career developing and what goals would you like to achieve?

I have many small goals that are helping me towards my bigger career goals within Trio Media and I’m excited to be a part of growing this company.

What’s your best advice for anyone who’s interested in pursuing a career in digital marketing?

Keep on top of the latest trends, always think out of the box and don’t be scared to do something different, that’s how trends start.

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