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How does blogging build your business?

Companies that blog generate an average of 67% more leads per month than companies that don’t.  It’s a must-have for almost any digital marketing strategy. If that statistic isn’t enough for you, then here’s five more solid reasons why you need a blog.



It’s a fact that organic search algorithms favour websites that add fresh content consistently. Having a greater amount of high-quality content is also going to ensure that your site is indexed more often, which means that your SEO work will be rewarded much more quickly as your site grows.


Regular blogging can provide huge benefits to your SEO keyword strategies, too. There’s only so much optimisation work that can be carried out on the core pages of your website. The extra content provided by blogs creates a much larger playing field to experiment with keyword strategy.


Providing additional content that gives a fresh or more detailed insight into topics related to your most important keywords shows Google (and others) that your site is a useful source of information. You can use blogs to explore subtopics with different combinations of these keywords too. These activities will serve to improve your rankings in relevant search results.


We’re proud to provide the sharpest SEO Leeds has to offer. A big part of that success is down to the way we harness blogs as part of a wider content marketing strategy.


Content for your audience, at every stage of the buying journey

Blogging lies at the very heart of the concept of content marketing. Providing useful content to inform and entertain allows you to communicate with people who might not necessarily be ready to invest in your products and services.

If you can answer people’s questions, and provide them with something of value, you’ve not just created brand awareness, you’ve also formed a positive association. You can answer their questions, and also show them how your offer solves their problems. With a well-planned content strategy, you can attract your ideal customer and meet their needs at every stage of the buying journey.

Content that can be repurposed

A good blog provides a lot of useful and interesting information. A good content marketing agency can make sure that none of that precious content goes to waste, repurposing it for social media, newsletters and email campaigns, PR opportunities in other publications, and even video content.

Content that builds trust and authority

If you’re good at what you do, talk about it. A lot. There are some very discerning customers out there and contrary to popular opinion, a lot of them do actually read content all the way through.


When someone’s making an important purchase, research can be a really important part of that process. A blog is a great way to demonstrate your subject authority and trustworthiness.

There might be parts of your offer that you’d like to highlight or explain. If you offer a 14-day free trial for a service, you might benefit from a blog piece that explains in more detail how that works for the customer. 

Content that lets your values be seen and heard

Whether you’re a purpose-driven business or not, it’s becoming clear that the businesses with the brightest futures are the businesses who understand social values and corporate responsibility.


You’ve got to look at the bigger picture, nowadays. And your blog is your sturdiest platform. It’s not always easy (or appropriate) to try and squeeze an important discussion into a tweet or a FB post. Sometimes you need to take the time and space to explain your ethos and values.


For a Leeds content marketing agency that understands how blogging can build your business, take a closer look at Trio Media.