Creating high - quality WordPress websites from scratch

WordPress is one of the most powerful website design platforms in the world, offering brands the ability to create a high-quality website that captures audience attention. Versatile and flexible, WordPress has many robust features that businesses can leverage, such as plugins and customisable templates.

As experts in WordPress website design, Trio Media helps brands build WordPress sites that stand the test of time.

Why choose Trio Media for WordPress website design?

What is WordPress?

WordPress started out as a blogging platform that businesses used for article creation and has developed overtime into one of the world’s most popular Content Management systems (CMS).This happened through the development of WordPress’ source code and the introduction of new plugins and design templates.

Today, brands can use the platform to create business websites, eCommerce stores, online portfolios, magazines, blogs and more.

Case Studies

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How can Trio help?

We have a lot of experience with using WordPress to help businesses drive growth and here are some of the services we provide:

WordPress content creation
From landing pages to blogs, we can build a WordPress website from the ground up and ensure it functions well across all online channels and devices.
WordPress website maintenance
We provide an in-depth maintenance service that covers security, on-site content updates and more.
Website scalability
We’ll constantly build on your website to ensure that you see continued growth, more sales and see genuine ROI.
What are the benefits of WordPress websites?

Due to the huge range of plugins and templates, WordPress websites are highly customisable and let brands shape the layout to their own needs.

Plugins are as varied as Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)options like Yoast, which helps tooptimise content, to Jetpack, a plugin that aids in marketing, design and security.

WordPress also supports a wide range of content, including blogs, videos, podcasts and infographics. Brands can create highly engaging pages and keep the attention of their audience.

WordPress comes with a built-in updates management system that makes it easy to quickly update plugins and themes. This will reduce the time needed to make any key updates and ensure your website is functioning at peak performance.

In addition, your website can also be backed up with a WordPress backup plugin, so it’s protected against hacking.

Another benefit of WordPress websites is that they tend to rank highly in search engines due to their coding. WordPress websites are written using standard compliance code andgenerates semantic markup, meaning thatsearch engines like Google find them easy tocrawl.

SEO plugins like Yoast also help to optimise on-site content through making keyword suggestions, analysing word count and having a meta description writing option.

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