The importance of website maintenance in digital marketing

Having a well-designed website is a crucial part of any successful digital marketing strategy because it helps to drive new business and build brand awareness. Once it’s been built, the next step is to maintain and improve it so you can continue to build on your success.

A poorly maintained website involves broken links, slow loading pages, a lack of fresh content and poor user experience. When this happens, you’ll lose valuable revenue, and this can be avoided by ensuring you have a strong support structure in place.

As website design experts, Trio Media can help to maintain and improve your website and ensure ongoing business growth.

Why choose Trio Media for your website maintenance?

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How can Trio help?

At Trio Media, we provide maintenance for WordPress websites and offer the following services:

Regular security checks
The code of your website will be updated and checked on a regular basis to protect against hacking threats.
Quick fixes and deep analysis
Whether it’s fixing broken links or identifying new plugins to incorporate, we’ll ensure your WordPress site always delivers an exceptional user experience.
Speed maintenance
Site speed makes a huge difference towards attracting and maintaining visitors. We’ll ensure your website loads as fast as lightning and continues to function at a high level.
The benefits of
website maintenance?

All websites are vulnerable to hacking and there’s the possibility of valuable data and code being lost if a hacker manages to break through. Strong website maintenance ensures that software and code is regularly backed up and protected so your business and website visitors are secure.

A website is the face of your online brand and should always reflect the best possible user experience for customers. With regular maintenance, you’ll be able to keep your audience coming back for repeat business, create a better shopping journey and engage them with new offers.

To keep customers coming back, focus on mending broken links, optimising content for SEO best practices, producing new content and backing everything up.

From the devices that people to use, to fresh plugins and features, website technology is always changing. It’s important to keep up with these changes so that you can continue to drive online growth and website maintenance will keep you ahead of the game.

When updating a website, consider if there are any new plugins that can improve user experience or if you’ve noticed a change in how your customers are buying products. Test, experiment and update.

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