Sleigh sales for adventure park at Christmas

Driving Christmas ticket sales for one of the UK’s largest adventure parks  

Known as Yorkshire’s largest family adventure park, this activity park attracts a large community of adventure enthusiasts. Since its establishment, this park has welcomed thousands of visitors to explore 2,000 acres of parkland, an indoor adventure play area and enchanting woodlands. As their paid media partner, we drove over 210K paid website visitors and drove a great ROI to conversion targets over the Christmas period. Discover how we did this below.


The challenge

Christmas is the adventure park’s busiest time of the year. From Santa meet-and-greets to a sparkling winter wonderland, this park holds many festive activities everyone can enjoy. 

The adventure park wanted to increase its Christmas ticket sales. But it needed one thing – an effective paid media strategy. A multi-channel paid media campaign was a must to ensure maximum reach. They tried ads in the past, but the results weren’t there – and they were missing out on potential ticket sales. 

Our key objectives for the PPC, Facebook and Instagram ad campaigns were to enhance the adventure park’s brand visibility for its seasonal events, attract a wider demographic and generate an overall increase in ticket sales compared to the previous Christmas period. 


What we did

We implemented a targeted approach across paid media to engage two primary audience segments: families seeking festive experiences and couples or friends looking for memorable nights out. 

Drawing on Global Web Index (GWI) insights, we conducted in-depth research into the personas of these audience segments. This involved analysing demographic data, interests, and online behaviours to understand their preferences and motivations.


Meta Ads

We built a Meta ads campaign targeting each audience group across Facebook and Instagram. For families, our copywriters addressed the park’s family-friendly attractions, creating urgency to book before tickets run out. 

For the other audience, our ad copy positioned the park as an ideal destination for a festive date night or a fun evening out with friends. By tailoring the copy, we could appeal to a larger, untapped audience who lived within the park’s region. 


Google Ads

Our Google Ads strategy ensured we only bid on keywords relevant to families searching for festive activities to enjoy with their loved ones and couples or friends seeking unique date night ideas. 

To maximise our reach and engagement, we employed retargeting tactics. We implemented a display campaign across the Google Display Network for users who visited the website but did not convert. This retargeting campaign aimed to boost brand awareness, reminding visitors to return to the website and complete their ticket purchase. 


The results

The park’s Christmas ticket campaign launched in September, allowing our paid media team to complete the learning phase early. With clearer insight, we optimised our paid ads for maximum impact. 

We drove over 210K paid website visitors, reflecting the campaign’s effectiveness in attracting targeted traffic. We reached 275K page views for key landing pages, and our campaigns successfully captured the attention and interest of our targeted audience, driving significant engagement with the park’s festive offerings.

Our Google Ads campaign produced reach and conversion metrics, with an impressive 1.1 million impressions, 18K conversions, and a low Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) of £0.68, indicating efficient and cost-effective customer acquisition.



[The graph above shows total impressions and conversions from September 2023 through December 2023 from Google Ads]


Our ads drove substantial engagement for Facebook and Instagram with 1.36M impressions, 4K ticket purchases, and 32K clicks. Through an effective targeting strategy, we achieved a total cost per purchase (CPP) of £1.44  – driving a great ROI and significant contribution to conversion targets.




[The graph above shows total clicks and website purchases from September 2023 through December 2023 from Meta]

Let the numbers do the talking

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paid website visitors

0 K

page views for key landing pages

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social impressions

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The adventure park’s results say it all. We achieved key objectives: to increase Christmas ticket sales and boost revenue. How? Through a paid media strategy powered by audience insights, effective keyword bidding and retargeting. 

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