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We’re living our best life on camera at the mo – as well as our weekly ‘3 in 3’ digital marketing updates, we’ve been sharing our journey with you on our ‘Running Riot VLOG’ – you can see the whole Trio team in action, and you get an idea of what it takes to run a successful web design and digital marketing agency.

Episode 29, with Kaitlyn, Jess, and Darren – watch here

We may be able to start posting multimedia tweets soon

Twitter have signalled that multimedia tweets will soon be possible, allowing for images, video content, and GIFs, all within one tweet.

The Trio team aren’t massively convinced – Darren wonders if it’s necessary to squeeze all that content into one tweet, given that active Twitter users often post several times a day.

How to create standout lead gen campaigns with Linked In

The business platform beloved of B2B marketers everywhere has released a series of handbooks, offering advice on how to maximise your Linked In potential.

Top tips for generating leads included;

  • Create in-feed content relevant to your audience
  • Reach out directly to decision-makers with personalised messages
  • Build your brand organically for better reach.

Here at Trio, we’re big fans of Linked In’s lead gen campaigns. Kaitlyn explains the benefit of directly targeting the individuals within an organisation who hold the buying power, while Darren argues that even though Linked In ads are expensive, the conversion rate is often higher, offering a better ROI.

Google’s enhanced ad tools help your campaigns reach new customers

Google Ads’ most automated campaign type, Performance Max, has been given a makeover with a set of new features. New customer acquisition goals will help marketers seek out and target new audiences, while the new Insight categories will provide useful data reports about how specific audiences interact with your content – showing you what works and what doesn’t.

Episode 30, with Lucy, Jess, and Cian – watch here

Pinterest has launched a new app – but it’s not public just yet

 Following on from the success of Pinterest TV, a curated series of shoppable creator’s videos, Pinterest are rolling out video features to other creators with the Pinterest TV Studio app.

We think it’s a smart move – Pinterest’s core audience are usually browsing on a specific topic, and allowing for more detailed content will give them more of what they want on their given subject, be it home furnishings or wedding theme ideas.

YouTube is testing Shorts ads

There’s a lot of eyeballs on YouTube Shorts – an estimated 30 billion every day, if the YouTube stats are to be believed. Which probably explains why the video streaming giant is opening up the feature to advertisers.

It’s a fairly predictable move, and Jess is surprised that YouTube were so slow to monetise the feature.

Cian feels that the quality of YouTube Shorts could be better, and may well hamper their plans – as a competitor to TikTok, YouTube are lacking the personalisation that makes TikTok’s viewing so compulsive.

Do YOU understand the Metaverse?

Probably not, if Wunderman Thompson’s new trend report is anything to go by – while 74% of consumers surveyed were familiar with the term, only 15% felt they could explain it to another person.

Lucy feels that a lot of education on the subject is still required (check out Metaverse expert Matthew Ball’s excellent primer on the subject for a good overview of the possibilities and hurdles involved).

Conversation turns to Facebook’s hasty appropriation of the ‘Meta’ title, with Cian wondering whether FB’s ageing demographic are ever likely to don VR goggles and disappear into the Metaverse to hunt down NFTs.

Episode 31, with Beth, Jess, and Nichola – watch here

Google’s new ad format lets you use Carousels

Google Ads are the latest to jump on the carousel bandwagon, incorporating the popular feature for brands wishing to display a variety of products, along with the brand and product name, prices and product reviews.

Nichola provides the stats – click-through rates on carousels are 72% higher – which tallies pretty closely with the results we see for our clients’ carousels.

Beth reckons the new format will work well for e-commerce brands, if you were looking to showcase a product with minor variations, such as multiple colours.

YouTube is rolling out Clips

YouTube’s latest attempt to keep up with the Joneses allows users to take 5-6 second clips and share them on other social platforms. Jess gave it a quick test run – it worked really well on Twitter, but Linked In kicked you offsite when you clicked on the link – not so good.

All agree that YouTube have really got their work cut out at the moment, with the competition from TikTok and elsewhere – even though (as Nichola points out) YouTube still works well for more involved viewing experiences on your TV.

 3 in 5 Brits regret their social media-influenced spending

A UK study has shown that Brits are suckers for buying stuff they see on their social feeds – Facebook was the platform most likely to make you reach for your credit card, although for the Gen Z crowd, Instagram was the bigger offender.

Nichola and Jess list a couple of factors that might lead FB users and their cash to be so easily parted. Their key demographic of 35–44-year-olds usually have more disposable income, and as a rule, the older audiences of FB are less internet-savvy, and more susceptible to scams.

Proving the exception to this rule, Beth then lists some of her truly terrible #TikTokMadeMeBuyIt items, including the world’s worst sushi-maker.

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