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As one of the biggest social media platforms in the world, Twitter is constantly evolving and looking for ways to enhance its user experience. A lot of great information was unveiled at the recent #TwitterGamePlan event hosted by Twitter Business for how digital agencies can make better use of the platform and the new features that are on the horizon.

Here are the key takeaways from the event.

Compelling Twitter stats

Across the event, there were many intriguing stats about the power of Twitter and some of the most interesting included:

·      52% of Tweets over the past year came from Gen Z.

·      35% of Twitter users are likely to be affluent consumers via non-users.

·      Twitter is the top social media platform for brand interaction as voted by 71% of users.

·      2x more people will talk about a brand if they see a new launch campaign on Twitter.

·      Brands are 2.3x more likely to hit their KPIs if launching on Twitter.

·      There’s a 73% correlation between a brand’s cultural relevance and its revenue, making Twitter an ideal platform for brands who want to be culturally relevant.

·      Twitter videos have experienced a 34% year-on-year increase in video watch time.

·      Twitter videos have experienced a 21% year-on-year increase in MRC video views.

·      3.5 billion people watch Twitter videos every day.

Top areas that Twitter is focusing on:

1.     Twitter is working on improving content relevancy and helping users find personalised content.

2.     A range of dynamic ads is being refined to help brands drive more engagement and revenue.

3.     Twitter is refining its content production features to help with new brand and product launches.

How digital agencies can harness the power of Twitter

Another important takeaway came from a discussion hosted by Twitter agency partners Social Chain, The 7 Stars and Goodstuff. The representatives were asked about the challenges they faced in the digital marketing industry and how Twitter can help them find solutions.


The key insights were:

·      Social content should always be at the forefront of a digital marketing strategy and that agencies should embrace their audience regardless of the reaction.

·      Twitter is a superb platform for providing contextual content and enabling brands to be part of the conversation and breaking trends.

·      Be strategic with how you use the platform and ensure that all Twitter content is relevant to a brand.

·      Consider aligning your Twitter goals with pop culture moments from TV and other mediums to increase audience reach.

What are the best Twitter ad types to use?

A discussion on Twitter advertising revealed some creative ad types agencies can use to stand out:

Twitter pre-roll

Twitter pre-roll is video ads that can be played at the beginning of a video across 200+ premium Twitter partners. For instance, the content will play within a video of the partner you’ve been matched with and have a clickable CTA.

Pre-roll is a useful ad type for driving brand awareness and tapping into the built-in audience of another business.

Amplify Sponsorships

Amplify Sponsorships is a feature that lets you amplify premium content such as live videos for stronger storytelling, better brand awareness and more revenue.

Ad types within this feature include auto-replay campaigns, sponsored Q&As and more.

Timeline Takeover

Timeline Takeover involves putting your ads as the first thing users see when they login into the platform. Appearing as auto-play videos at the top of the timeline, your ads will be viewable for 24 hours and can unlock massive exposure for your organisation.


Improve your digital marketing skills with Twitter Flight School

To help brands and agencies continue to improve their digital marketing skills, Twitter has also launched the Twitter Flight School. From how to advertise successfully on the platform to developing the right content, Twitter Flight School has a lot of valuable resources to tap into.  

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