Meet our Web Developer: Johnny Speight


Think building a new website could be your next DIY project? Think again.

There are lots of easy website builders out there, but if you want one that looks, feels and works excellently, you’ll need a Web Developer. A developer is skilled in programming languages, hosting services and other essential tools that bring a website together.

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As a growing website agency, we help amazing clients achieve bold, impressive website designs. To continue bringing these ideas to life, we’ve brought in Johnny, our newest Web Developer, to join the Trio team.

Discover Johnny’s role, experiences, interests and top tips for getting into web development below.

What is your day-to-day role at Trio Media?

As a Web Developer, I’m involved in all development work. From custom WordPress websites to finding and fixing bugs that cause issues. Whenever a new project comes in, I work alongside Gary, our Head of Design, helping to bring his website designs to life whilst maintaining SEO and UX best practices.

I also help with all website maintenance, including security checks, speed analysis and backup protocols.

What did you use to do before joining Trio?

Before Trio, I worked at an events company, developing and maintaining a virtual event platform. I built bespoke platforms for corporate events, including expos, webinars, summits and more. This picked up especially during COVID-19, when everyone had to revert to online working.

I’ve worked as a Web Developer at different digital marketing agencies, helping to meet client needs for any project that came my way.

What are some of your interests outside of work?

Since I was young, I’ve enjoyed horse riding and show-jumping. I was raised on a farm, so horses surrounded me, and I took part in my family’s tradition of horse riding. I competed all over the country and won many competitions off the back of it!

Nowadays, I try to ride whenever I have my horse, Dardo, who lives at my sister’s. I also enjoy keeping active and playing football (injury permitting!).

What made you want to get into web development?

In the 2000s, I studied Creative Multimedia at Teesside University, covering tools such as Adobe Photoshop, Flash and Premiere Pro. I was amazed at Flash (no longer available) and its power as a web development tool. I enjoyed learning ActionScript, a programming language for Flash, and then moving to JavaScript as time passed. This sparked my interest in development and hasn’t left me since.

Development is all about building things. I particularly like working on building websites from the ground up and seeing a static design transform into a beautiful, functional website.

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What have you enjoyed about working at Trio so far?

Since starting, I’ve hit the ground running and been involved in significant website projects for clients across industries. Plus, the Trio team has been great to collaborate with. Working in the office has allowed me to get to know everyone whilst I get stuck in with what I love.

What advice would you give to someone working in web development?

Be curious! Ask questions, network with other developers and tap into their knowledge. Learning from others is critical as the industry constantly changes, and you don’t want to be left behind. Another tip I’d recommend is keeping on top of UX trends to improve performance and security best practices for building safe sites.

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