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We want to introduce you to Cian, our Junior Web Developer!

What is your day to-to-day role at Trio Media? 

My role is Junior Web Developer so I’m mainly involved/starting to get involved in designing and building websites for our clients. I’m also involved in hosting, deployment and support for our clients. Additionally, I maintain websites so they are in the best condition they can be as well as being involved in the SEO for these websites.

I look forward to the continuous learning that this job role has in store for me and developing with Trio Media to make great websites for our clients.


What are some of your interests outside of work?

I enjoy going on hikes at the weekend, going to the gym, sometimes mountain biking to break up all the walks and going out with my friends in the evenings. I also love going to the cinema and watching films in general – aspiring film buff (probably failing).


What did you used to do before joining Trio?

I worked at a pharmaceutical company in Harrogate. I did biomedical science at university, so it was a natural choice for me to pursue it, but it ended up not being for me. Hence, why I’m here!


What made you want to get into web development?

Having developed a keen interest during my last job by starting to code in my free time, I quickly learnt that web development was for me and I needed to break into the industry. When the Trio opportunity popped up, I thought it was an amazing and when I interviewed and met the team, I thought it was perfect.


What were your first steps into the digital marketing industry?

I became quite disenfranchised at my last job, which led me to looking into a potential career switch into this industry. I applied online to the apprenticeship here as I didn’t have any academic or work experience, it was the perfect position. 


What is it about Trio Media that gets you excited about the work culture?

The people are great, the work is great and the office is great! Everyone is hard working, but they don’t dismiss you if you need assistance with anything. Super friendly and helpful.


What’s been the highlight of your first month at Trio?

Working on my first proper website on WordPress has been a significant highlight throughout the first month and I can’t wait to get my grips on more websites in different formats.


What kind of advice would you offer for anyone who’s interested in working in the digital marketing industry?

Have confidence, don’t doubt yourself and work hard to be able to get that position. You’re better than you think, work on the applicable skills and when confidence goes hand-in-hand with competency, then this is the perfect employee!


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