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Our team has recently welcomed another member of staff! We’re excited to introduce you to Kaitlyn, our newest Account Executive!

What is your day to-to-day role at Trio Media? 

My role specialises in social media, so most of my day is spent creating and scheduling social posts for our clients. However, I’m also available to help with other tasks like site audits, copywriting and any other odd jobs that are available.

What are some of your interests outside of work?

Outside of work I try to spend some time working on upping my design skills but if I’m on my laptop and not at work, then I’m probably just playing sims to be honest.

What did you used to do before joining Trio?

I was a Social Media Executive before this role, so pretty much the same role but it was strictly social media. In my new role at Trio I get more diversity in my day, which is great.

What made you want to get into digital marketing?

I studied Media Production UnderGrad and Design Management & Entrepreneurship MA at uni and I feel like these two subjects perfectly set me up to go into digital marketing. I love design and got to learn how to create pretty things and then I got to learn about how to market effectively and grow businesses, so going into a social media marketing role seemed to make sense.

What were your first steps into the digital marketing industry?

I took part in the Kickstarter Scheme and got a temporary role as a Marketing Assistant, this mainly involved working on the businesses online presence and thinking of new ways they can reach their audience. 

What is it about Trio Media that gets you excited about the work culture?

The people! Claire has done a great job curating the team. The vibe in the office is so positive and supportive. Having a good work culture was an absolute must for me when I was looking for a new role so the collection of bright people at Trio is extremely welcome.

What’s been the highlight of your first month at Trio?

My highlight was being in the audience of their ‘Lucy Awards’. I had only been here for a few days so unfortunately couldn’t win anything, but I’ve got my eyes on the ‘best newcomer’ award for next year.

Witnessing my new teammates be rewarded for their hard work and everyone hyping each other up made me feel so grateful and excited to be a part of a company that really cares about their staff. 

What kind of advice would you offer for anyone who’s interested in working in the digital marketing industry?

If you fancy switching fields, then I would definitely say if you can do a placement first then that is the best way to go. This way you get to scope out the digital marketing field to check that you like it first, better safe than sorry 🙂

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