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Our team just keeps growing and so today we’re excited to introduce you to another new member of the team! Today we are getting to know our Client Development Executive – Beth Smart.

What is your day to-to-day role at Trio Media? 

Day to Day at Trio I contact incoming leads, have meetings with prospective clients and create and send out proposals to win new contracts. This requires me to understand everything Trio offers in detail, to make connections with a massive variety of companies from all sorts of industries. I must understand their needs, so we can help build and improve their business.

I also get to attend networking events; these are always great fun and great places to meet new people and potential clients to tell everyone about Trio and what we do here! Obviously, I also get involved in the TikToks and YouTube videos too which is always entertaining!

What are some of your interests outside of work?

I love spending time with my pup (she will always be a puppy to me) and finding new walks to take her on! I also enjoy eating out and spending time with friends, I love finding new cuisines and trying new restaurants. I recently went to an Ethiopian restaurant that was fantastic! In the week I go bouldering after work a couple of times a month and I try to go to the gym regularly but that that is a love/hate relationship…

What did you used to do before joining Trio?

Before joining Trio, I worked as a travel consultant. I helped people put together once-in-a-lifetime holidays to destinations all over the world and got to do some amazing trips myself whilst working there too.

Where has been your favourite place you have travelled to?

So hard to choose! However, my favourite trip for exceeding expectations was to Jordan in 2019. It was simply incredible. We got to visit Petra, float in the dead sea, have a boat party, sleep at a desert camp, and eat some incredible food! My favourite trip for rest and relaxation was to Zanzibar just before the pandemic hit. The people and food were amazing, and the beaches are stunning. We stayed in a couple of hotels around the island giving us the opportunity to see a lot of different areas as well as a visit The Rock restaurant which was an amazing experience (Google it!).

What made you want to get into digital marketing?

After deciding my time was coming to an end in my previous job, I started looking for something new and began looking for something more in line with my degree (International Business Studies). When studying I always loved the marketing modules and that’s where I always got the highest marks too! So, I started looking into jobs in that field and was drawn to digital marketing because it is constantly around us influencing every decision we make, especially today – everyone has their phones in their hand (or on their wrist) 24/7!

What were your first steps into the digital marketing industry?

I stopped enjoying my travel job (covid didn’t help) and started to look elsewhere and for something new and challenging. I contacted Trio Media for some work experience whilst I was on furlough and started coming in as much as I could on days off! I used this time to learn as much as I could about the company and realised, I absolutely loved the industry, people, and Trio’s office environment. When this job came up, I was really excited about the opportunity and didn’t have to think twice before applying.

What is it about Trio Media that gets you excited about the work culture?

Everyone works so hard, but also just has a great time together. The office is really relaxed but everyone gets their work done, whether that is on our own or as a team! The team is so supportive and open which is refreshing and gets the best out of everyone. Working here is such a contrast to my previous job that sometimes I can’t even believe I am here…cringy but true!

What’s been the highlight of your first month at Trio?

Technically, it was before my official start date, but the Anniversary party in September was so much fun! I got to meet lots of Trio’s partners and everyone had a great time celebrating together!  

What kind of advice would you offer for anyone who’s interested in working in the digital marketing industry?

Get yourself out there, try to get experience with a company if you can, you never know what might come of it! If you can’t get that straight away, then try to do some online courses or certificates to expand your knowledge and prove you’re open to learning and developing yourself.

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