TikTok marketing

The platform where global shopping trends are born

TikTok is the place to be if you target a Gen Z and millennial audience. This platform has 1.1 billion active users worldwide who consume authentic video content. TikTok has immense power to influence buying decisions and keep users engaged. In fact, 44% of users will discover something on TikTok and immediately buy it. Interested?

Whether B2B or B2C, we’ll help you reach new customers, boost sales and convert prospects into leads. Our TikTok content is wholly authentic, using your brand personality, creativity and creator influence to build trust. We’ll also combine your organic and paid social media strategies to get the most impact possible.


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Turn curiosity into action

Our social media specialists will manage your TikTok presence with performance-driven organic and paid video content.

TikTok management

As part of your TikTok strategy, we’ll set up your account or analyse your existing profile for new opportunities. We’ll identify the key topics and themes that resonate with your audience and develop a content calendar that works with your other social channels. Our social media experts will film, edit, schedule and optimise your TikToks for maximum engagement.

TikTok ads & TikTok Shop

We help brands make an impact with interactive TikTok In-Feed and Search Ads. We’ll use powerful targeting and audience insights to connect with your community in a meaningful way. Our TikTok ads will turn viewers into customers, increasing brand reach and conversions. We’ll also optimise your TikTok Shop, so your community can discover and purchase products directly in the app.

Performance tracking

We’ll track your organic and paid TikTok performance and report key metrics for your business goals. We’ll also regularly review your TikTok strategy to find ways to improve engagement, sales and lead generation. As TikTok fanatics, our team will update you on algorithm changes and identify trends that allow you to be creative, authentic and entertaining.

Why is TikTok great for marketing?

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Improve search performance

TikTok is the new search engine for younger demographics. TikTok users will search for products and services in the app, looking for authentic content that backs your brand. As social media & SEO experts, we’ll conduct TikTok keyword research, create high-quality content with optimised captions and leverage trending challenges. Together, we’ll increase your brand reach and engagement.

Increase in-app sales

65% of users follow or purchase from brands they find on TikTok. Want yours to be next? TikTok is the essential shopfront for e-commerce brands looking to increase sales. From ads that get people shopping to TikTok Shop, which connects trusted creators with your brand. TikTok revolutionises the buying experience, helping users check out within the app.

Build your brand identity

TikTok users crave authenticity. Like Instagram and Facebook, TikTok content encourages users to be real and unscripted. User-generated content (UGC) and impromptu TikTok trends can help you go viral while building brand awareness and trust. We’ll create content that drives engagement and connects you with your audience’s interests.

Why our clients love us

TikTok Marketing Partner

We’re recognised as the best in business. We’ll grow your strategy and achieve business growth on TikTok.

Full-service team

We drive TikTok campaigns from start to finish. We develop creative assets, monitor ad spend and measure performance.

Strategic approach

We’ll combine your TikTok ads with organic content to improve performance and ROI.

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