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Few social media platforms have had the kind of rapid growth that TikTok has experienced in recent memory. The video sharing platform developed a cult following that has expanded into a worldwide phenomenon, creating viral trends overnight.

As a relatively young social channel, there’s a lot of untapped potential with TikTok and Trio Media can help you incorporate it into your social media strategy to build your business.

Why choose Trio Media for your TikTok marketing?

How can Trio help?

We think TikTok is an awesome platform and recognise the amazing growth potential that it gives to businesses. That’s why we offer the following services:
TikTok content creation
Authentic content is the name of the game on TikTok and we’ll produce videos that show the personality of your brand.
TikTok ads
We can create a variety of TikTok ads to grab the attention of your audience and do this by diving deep into how they are behaving on the platform.
Regular insights and updates
We’ll keep you in the loop about how your ads and content are performing on a regular basis.

The benefits of
TikTok Marketing?

TikTok is the kind of platform where brands can grow their following in a short amount of time, due to the way TikTok’s algorithm works. It takes into consideration the level of interaction on individual videos, shares, comments and how many times a video has been rewatched.

This individual focus means that you have a good chance of building your followers quickly and driving engagement towards your content.

Compared to other social platforms, TikTok has a much heavier emphasis on trend culture.This works by a video being posted e.g., about cooking and then it inspiring other TikTok creators to copy that trend and bring their own interpretation.

This presents a valuable opportunity for brands to create their own trend-themed videos, which can blow up overnight and be viewed and copied by thousands of users. This can work wonders for brand awareness!

There are plenty of advertising options to explore on TikTok, which include In-Feed ads and branded hashtag challenges.In-Feed ads are short, 9-15 seconds video ads that appear in between videos. You can use multiple Calls-To-Action (CTAs) with these ads and experiment with different products and services.

A branded hashtag challenge involves a business asking people to take part in a certain activity and then tag them with a specific hashtag. This type of TikTok ad can encourage rich engagement.

Another benefit of TikTok is that there are a wealth of influencers using the platform and you can partner with them to enhance the visibility of your products.

A great tool to use is TikTok Creator Marketplace, which helps brands find and partner with content creators in their niche. The marketplace functions on data to make the selection process easier.

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