Determining the best web hosting option

When it comes to getting your website online, you need a web host to ensure that your customers are able to access it. Think of your website as a collection of different files and media that all need to be stored in one place so consumers will ultimately be able to view and interact with the site. That is how a web host provides support.

At Trio Media, we’re well-positioned to be a web hosting agency that can support all of your website needs.

Why choose Trio Media as your website host?

What is website hosting?

Web hosting is the process of renting or buying space to house your website on the internet and allow visitors to access the site. All website files are stored on a web host’s server, which isa computer that connects people who’re searching to your website from all over the world.

After securing a website hosting provider, all website files are uploaded to the server and then the website is available to be viewed by anyone.

Case Studies

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How can Trio help?
At Trio Media, we provide a plethora of web hosting services:
Fast deployment
We’ll be able to upload all your website files to our server quickly and efficiently and get the site in front of your customers.
In-depth website maintenance
From providing a high level of security, to regularly updating website coding, we’ll help to maintain the quality of your website and ensure it functions at peak performance.
Ongoing technical support
If you’re having any website issues then we’re only a phone call or an email away. We’ll work with you to resolve any minor or major problems.
The benefits of
website hosting?

When it comes to standing out online, having a high-performing website is crucial. It needs to load quickly, be optimised for search engines and have engaging content.

Great website hosting ensures that a website runs smoothly with quick loading times, so people will be able to view your content and stay for longer.

Hacking, cybercrime and a loss of data are everyday challenges that websites face, and they need a high level of security to address these issues. With a high-quality website host, you’ll be able to have exceptional security from the moment that your website is set up.

A strong website host will have multiple levels of security in place, covering firewall protection on the server, spam software installation, website backups and more.

When you choose a quality website host, you have the opportunity to acquire a potentially unlimited amount of bandwidth for your website. The more bandwidth you have to work with, the more you can enhance the overall performance of your website with valuable content and brand assets.

At a minimum, you should be able to get level of space that is suited to your specific needs and allows the website to grow overtime.

As part of a great website hosting service, you’ll be able to set up a unique domain name that will help to build brand reputation. People searching online will associate the domain name with your business and make it easier for them to find your website.

This should also extend to including the domain name in the email address for your business because it looks professional and creates consistency.

Let’s work together
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