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When people search online, they are bombarded with content from various sources, making it more important than ever to create content that captures their attention from the moment they see it.

Video is an excellent medium for engaging with an online audience because it can be distributed in multiple formats and shown at different lengths.

With the right digital marketing agency, you’ll be able to develop a strong video marketing strategy and that’s where Trio Media can help.

Why choose Trio Media for your video marketing?

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How can Trio help?

At Trio Media, we live and breathe video marketing, offering services that can give you an edge when it comes to capturing the
attention of your audience.

Versatile video creation
Whether you’d like to build a TikTok or YouTube following, we can produce video content for multiple platforms. All videos will be created to fit your tone of voice and business needs.
Video ads
We’ll develop video ads that are tailored to address the pain points of your customers and promote them across the most appropriate video hosting or social media platforms.
Extensive reporting
We’ll keep you up to date on how videos are performing and the metrics that are being targeted. This will help to refine the video marketing strategy overtime.
The benefits of
video marketing?

Videos have the power to be extremely informative to consumers. For example, a product page that features a video showcasing the details of the item will educate a consumer on what the product can do for them.

Armed with this information, a shopper will feel more confident in their buying decision and may go through with the purchase.

Another video advantage is that it helps to improve how a website ranks in search engines. This is tied to the amount of time a visitor spends on a page after arriving from a search engine like Google and is known as dwell time.

When looking to improve search rankings for certain pages, it would be of benefit to include a long-form video that answers customer questions and keeps them viewing until the end.

Highly sharable and engaging, videos can be distributed across various social media platforms and publications. Influencers may share your videos with their network, journals might embed a video in a specific article, or you could be trending on a platform like TikTok.

All of this contributes to reaching new audiences, building brand awareness and winning more business.

Let’s work together
If you want a digital marketing agency in Leeds, contact Trio Media today. We work across different industries to help drive their online business growth and reach real ROI. Let’s find out how we can help you – simply email, phone or drop by for a visit. We’re always happy to chat.
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