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When it comes to choosing the right coding for your website, HTML5 is one of the best options to choose because of its versatility and consistency. It’s a great choice for cross-platform development, has awesome user experience and supports rich media elements like audio and video.

At Trio Media, we specialise in designing HTML5 websites to enable a seamless customer journey and ongoing business growth.

Why choose Trio Media to design your HTML5 website?

What is a HTML5 website?

HTML stands for Hyper Text Mark-up Language, the traditional coding language of all websites. HTML5 is the most up to date iteration of the original HTML coding that was developed back in 1990 by the World Wide Web Consortium.

HTML5 was created to meet the shift in behaviour of people consuming a tremendous amount of content across multiple devices and platforms and it isn’t tied to an underlying operating system. This means there’s an opportunity for more flexibility in how a website is created.

Case Studies

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How can Trio help?
At Trio Media, we provide a range of HTML5 website design services that can be incorporated into a successful digital marketing strategy:
HTML5 coding
We have years of experience with HTML5 coding and can create a website from the ground up that’s secure, has a great user experience and works across multiple devices.
Bespoke CMS creation
HTML5 coding is ideal for generating your own custom CMS and we’ll be able to create a system that matches the needs of your business.
Website maintenance
We’ll regularly monitor and update your website so that it never slows down and remains secure against cyber threats and hacking.
Benefits of
HTLML5 websites

HTML5 coding is incredible intuitive, meaning it can adapt to a wide range of business purposes and content mediums. It supports everything from blogs and animation, to apps and videos.

This gives businesses a large amount of scope to design a website that features high-quality content that drives more traffic and turns visitors into customers.

A single batch of HTML5coding can be utilised across various platforms and devices, such as mobile phones, tablets and laptops. This means people can browse your website no matter where they are searching online, creating a better user experience.

In addition, this creates a more cost-effective solution because it results in lower development and maintenance costs over the lifespan of the website.

When it comes to having a high-quality website, loading time is crucial because it will determine whether a consumer wants to stay on a page. Websites that have a slow loading time are also less likely to rank highly in search engines because they tend to prioritise websites that load quickly.

HTML5 coding creates a foundation for a website that loads rapidly and ensures that people will be able to access your content quickly.

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