Whether the focus is on Gareth Southgate’s waistcoat or your latest product, the aim of the game is to get people talking.

With 83% of the adult population now using social media, can your business afford to not be on it?

So how do you know which social media platform is for you and your business? Don’t be pushed in to the ‘everyone is now on snapchat, you need to be on it’ methodology, actually, the main question you need to ask yourself, are your customers on it?

What are your customer demographics? Using these demographics, you can determine which platform(s) you should be dedicating some time to.

Once you have established where your audience is, now it’s time to get noticed on there!

The best thing to do initially is put together a social media strategy calendar, this would include your target audience, your posts and the reason for them (ie audience), type of media you will be using such as blog, graphic, survey, email marketing campaign and so on.

You can also include some ‘events’ on to your strategy calendar, daysoftheyear.com is an excellent source for getting involved with national and international days of the year, you never know, you could even build a whole campaign around one of these days?

Do you feel like you are running the length of the pitch with your social media?

Facebook have recently changed their algorithms to make it harder for companies to reach potential customers organically, Facebook ‘claim’ this is to protect the privacy of its users and rewind back to why people joined Facebook ‘to stay connected with friends and family’, personally, I question the fact Facebook is now wanting businesses to spend more money on paid advertising to reach your target audience. This is the strategy you should begin with to help promote your new business.https://www.youtube.com/embed/Q4zd7X98eOs

How to score a ‘goal’ with your social media

With some initially paid advertising and demographical audiences set in place, you can really narrow down exactly who you want your audience to be, which means you are not wasting money showing your campaigns to people who are unlikely to become a customer.

There are several demographics you can target through Social Media paid advertising, including interests, job titles, locations, age, lifetime events, companies work(ed) for and much more.

Simply, create your audience following these instructions.

Up your score with social media rankings

Like websites on Google, you will be scored on your social media pages’ performance, you must remember, this is not about how many posts you put on, every minute of every day, it is determined on your engagement, one post could get you more engagement = leads, than 20 posts every day does, not to mention it is much more efficient.

Put the ball in your court, understand your social media and work from a strategy that gets people cheering and you never know, maybe you could lift the trophy with a world cup winning social media.

#ItsComingHome #WorldCup2018

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