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On the first day of Christmas, Trio gave to thee…. a Marketer’s Christmas Checklist for free!

Ok, we know you’ve probably got all this covered months ago, but there’s no harm in double-checking, is there? Everyone loves a checklist. We’ve got checklists for our checklists.

So run through these pointers one last time, before the madness descends. There’s 12 of them (obviously), and there’s something here for everyone, even Tiny Tim.

1. Create some cracking Christmas content.

It’s an exciting time. Emotions (and tensions) are running high for almost everyone. There’s lots to talk about, and if you can show your target audience that you know what’s going on for them this month, they’re going to keep coming back. Or if they’re a bunch of Christmas haters, then you can sit them down and calmly explain why they’re wrong.

2. Schedule your Christmas social media.

It’s the hazy patch in between Boxing Day and NYE. Everything smells of sprouts. Are you going to be writing bright and breezy social content? Thought not. Get them written in advance, for the sake of your break.

3. Update your opening hours on Google Business Profile (a.k.a. Google My Business).

They’re changing the name, but the principle’s the same. If you’ve got some late nights or extra opening days going on, take two minutes to make it known on the world’s most popular business directory.

4. Pause/boost your ads 

Nobody buys your sun tan lotion at Christmas? Save a few quid and pause your ads. Your gourmet chocolates are flying out? You know what to do.

5. Ecommerce? Make sure your delivery deadlines are clearly visible across all your channels.

Otherwise you’re going to spend January opening returned gifts and refunding what you’ve spent December slaving for.

6. Get involved in independent retailer/small business initiatives.

Get back in your rocket, Bezos – this tip’s for the small fry. There’s loads of great campaigns and initiatives for SMEs to get involved with (like this one from Visa), and who doesn’t enjoy that warm fuzzy feeling when you buy local at Christmas?

7. Plan your Christmas offers and Boxing Day sales

You’ve clearly got this one in the bag. Haven’t you? Course you have.

8. Treat the team.

If Christmas is crazy at your place, then hire a masseuse to prise everyone’s shoulders down off their ears. If Christmas is quiet, cut them loose for a couple of hours of stress-reduced Christmas shopping. Don’t be a Scrooge – Bob Cratchits are hard to come by.

9. Let your customers know you care.

Another successful year, thanks to the people who put food on your table and engage with/tolerate your relentless promotional activity. Is there a way to let them know how you feel about them? A little basket of something, or even a card, will help them remember that they’ve been more important to you than they know.

10. Give what you can.

Don’t want to get all John Lewis on you, but it really is the season for helping others. We’ve got a Trio of charities we love so this year, instead of presents, we’re making donations to the client’s choice of either the Rainforest Trust, Children’s Heart Surgery Fund, or Homeless Street Angels.

11. Rest.

You’ve earned it (or you will have by the end of the month). Unplug, switch off your notifications, and give your own brain a present. Here at Trio, we keep a special Christmas calendar. We ask all our clients and associates for their holiday dates, then put them on the calendar so we don’t end up being the annoying git who’s pinging people while they’re off. 

12. Avoid the Hootenanny.

If your options are that bad, get an early night.

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Remember kids, digital marketing’s for life, not just for Christmas. To turbocharge your online growth all the year round, get in touch with Trio Media today