The digital marketing world is always moving and evolving. New trends and algorithm shifts appear every year and to keep up with this rapid change, marketers new and old must train themselves to stay ahead of the curve.

Luckily, there’s a huge range of digital marketing resources out there to help develop new skills. Whether you want to become a social media marketing superstar or content strategy expert, here are five of the best resources to tap into for upping your digital marketing game.

1. HubSpot Academy

The Holy Grail of digital marketing programmes, HubSpot Academy is a phenomenal place for learning about the latest marketing insights. There are several courses to look into, which range from creating a top-level content strategy, to designing effective Google ads.

The time of the courses range from between 1 – 7 hours and even the shortest courses contain a wealth of information that can be put to good use. Plus, there’s the opportunity to become certified in several digital marketing disciplines which will definitely stand out on your CV and LinkedIn profile!

2. Google Digital Garage

 For people who want to start their digital marketing journey, Google Digital Garage is a great resource. It covers all the fundamentals of the industry, focusing on topics such as building a website, planning an online strategy, SEO basics, social media 101 and more.

Once you’ve completed all the modules you can take a 40-question exam to become certified. This can also benefit small and large business owners who want to hire their own digital team and create more value for customers.


3. Google Analytics Academy

A big part of achieving success in digital marketing revolves around being able to track campaign results and see data that backs up the effort you’re putting in. Google Analytics is an excellent platform for viewing key website metrics and the academy programme will help you learn how to use it.

Google Analytics Academy offers beginner and advanced courses, covering how to set up Google ad campaigns, tracking metrics such as average session duration and gaining insight into how to modify your approach so you can become a better digital marketer.

4. SEM Rush Academy

With Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) being fundamental to creating successful marketing campaigns, honing your SEO skills is a must. SEM Rush Academy is a brilliant resource for learning how to develop a strong SEO strategy.

The academy breaks down the key parts of SEM Rush and how to maximise the effectiveness of keyword research, investigating the phrases competitors are using, creating an SEO audit for a website and much more.

Even if you don’t plan on using the platform, there’s still plenty of knowledge to take away.

5.    LinkedIn Learning

As a social media platform, LinkedIn offers the potential to reach thousands of business owners who’re looking to connect with other brands that offer valuable content and services.

This same kind of entrepreneurial spirit can be found in LinkedIn Learning. The platform provides thousands of courses from LinkedIn experts and you can increase your digital marketing awareness in several ways. Online courses include learning about new marketing trends, creating a powerful social media strategy and graphic design.

Build your digital marketing knowledge with Trio Media

All of these courses provide a strong foundation for building specialist knowledge across the digital sector. At Trio Media, we love learning about new things and helping others improve their own digital skills.

That’s why we offer bespoke training packages that range from social media management to video content creation. To learn more about these classes, get in touch with us via the contact form or call today on 0113 357 0440.