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Content marketing is an ongoing process, with brands constantly experimenting in the battle to keep their customers engaged. Producing phenomenal content on a regular basis can be demanding and it’s natural for there to be times when writer’s block sets in or new ideas are more difficult to come by.


In this situation, repurposing content is a sure-fire way to make existing content relevant again, break out into new mediums and delight your audience with a renewed brand story.


Here are seven tips and ideas for how to repurpose your content and deliver high value to your customers.



1. Start with a content audit




The first step is to carry out a detailed content audit across your website. This involves looking at all web pages, blogs, whitepapers, case studies and more to see how relevant the information is and to identify any content gaps.



From there, you can be strategic about how you want to update existing content. For example, a year-old blog on an industry leading topic could be refreshed to include new stats and opinions and then shared across social media to educate your audience.





2. Generate a presentation






Have a lot of interesting stats and best practices to share? Why not turn that information into a new presentation that can be used as part of a webinar or as bonus content for a wider marketing campaign?



You can even make your presentations accessible to the public via SlideShare. As an authoritative site, SlideShare is a place where you can share your most successful content that could outrank the original piece and be easier to find in search engines.



This is an excellent technique to employ with an SEO strategy and take up more space in search engines, with the SlideShare presentation ranking for specific keywords.










3. Convert internal data and insights in case studies 


Perhaps you’ve gathered industry data as part of a survey and originally intended for the information to be used internally. Take those insights and turn them into a case study.



Case studies are exceptional tools for lending credibility to your products and services. They also work as customer testimonials and contribute towards social proof.



4. Leverage the power of social audio apps

  Social audio apps like Clubhouse and Twitter Spaces are rapidly becoming a medium in which brands are using to create new content. Incorporate social audio into your content strategy for another customer engagement stream.  



For instance, you could turn a whitepaper into a series of discussions that are hosted through Twitter Spaces. You could invite like-minded brands to the discussions and share opinions, boosting brand authority and increasing reach.






5. Create an online course



Maybe you’ve been creating content about a niche subject for a long time and find you have a backlog of blogs. Consider turning this information into an online course that presents your content in a new way and helps to share actionable advice.



Online courses are brilliant for showing your reputation as a thought leader and building new customer relationships. The course can be paired with an email campaign that offers additional resources to your email lists and continually builds a rapport.




6. Create a daily or weekly email series



Email marketing is still considered one of the top mediums for increasing conversions and sales. In fact, marketers who use segmented campaigns record as much as a 760% increase in revenue.



Repurpose content into a daily or weekly email series to constantly strike up conversations with your customers and provide value. This might involve chopping up a long-form blog into daily tips that are spread out over a month-long period.





7. Host a webinar or in-person event



From blogs to eBooks, consider pooling multiple resources together and using them as inspiration for an online or physical event. For example, a series of short webinars could be hosted out of different blog topics that create an overall narrative.



In the case of an in-person event, presentations can be developed to show your expertise, or you could do a live podcast that requires audience participation.




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