If you’re anything like me, you rely on your mobile to accomplish most of your daily tasks. When it comes to shopping, as with most consumers, it begins and ends with my smartphone. Let’s look at 7 things your business could do to drive sales in 2019.

Make Your Website Mobile Friendly

This is obvious. The first step to mobile sales is to have a functional website that gets displayed well on a mobile screen. You need to make sure that menus and content display well for the users and you can’t do that unless you have a mobile friendly theme.

Text Marketing

Create opt-in text marketing campaigns allowing potential and existing customers to sign up to receive SMS alerts and rewards for joining your text campaign. You can use this to get customers to partake in a survey or visiting your website in exchange for a reward, for example a 15% discount.

Create a Mobile App

Want to make your business even more easily accessible?

If so, create an app.

Your app should provide unique content apart from your other digital presences, but still sell products, allow you to communicate with your customers and whatever else you desire. 85% of smartphone users surveyed that they much prefer using an app rather than navigating a mobile version of your website.

Mobile Advertisements 

Brands can’t ignore mobile. One way to get your brand out there is with mobile ads, which can run through social media and other channels.

There is a higher click through rate on mobiles than on desktop, with a 59% click through rate on mobile devices.

To use mobile ads, the first thing that you must do is identify your core audience. You also must help mobile users discover you, using mobile SEO so that users can easily access your products and services to get what they need.

Make Your Site Navigable

Navigation is one of six fixes that can increase conversion rates. Your menu, footer bar and other items must be navigable, and it must be responsive, so it can display perfectly. Your call to action buttons and links also must be compatible with mobile devices.

Use Google My Business to Get Local

If you run a local business, you’d better not skip Google My Business. This feature integrates your small local business into the Google network, publishes your details and location online, and leads interested customers straight to your door. Whenever mobile users search for local results, Google might just showcase your business in a featured widget.

Use QR Code Marketing

Quick Response (QR Codes) in marketing are starting to gain traction, and your business may do well to incorporate this to your mobile marketing strategy as well. QR codes are a type of barcoding typically used to store URL’s and provide a direct link for customers to online information, such as web content and landing pages. All a mobile user has to do is scan the QR code using their smartphone camera.
QR codes are only half effective if you don’t place them in highly strategic marketing locations. The key here is to place your code in an area where its easy for people to scan It using their smartphones, such as business cards.