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We’re really excited about audio marketing. And we can’t believe more people aren’t talking about it. There’s been huge developments in the audio marketing space, but it seems to be escaping the attention of most marketers.

Twitter, LinkedIn AND Facebook are scrambling over each other to move into the audio marketing space, with new features like Twitter Spaces looking to engage the 99% of the population who didn’t get an invite to Elon Musk’s Clubhouse-for-middle-aged-entrepreneurs.

Why is Audio Marketing such a big deal?


You can’t beat a podcast in the car, can you?

People really enjoy audio content, primarily for the fact that it’s easy to consume, and you can turn what might be boring dead time – driving, cooking, food shopping, workouts – into an entertaining or educational experience. All you need is a smartphone, and maybe some headphones or speakers.

It’s also far less likely that your audience is going to click away, if they’re busy doing something else while they listen.

Cost effective marketing

If you’ve got good content already – whether that’s a decent blog, or a well-maintained Youtube channel, then audio is a great way to repurpose that content to reach a wider audience. It’s relatively inexpensive to produce, compared to video – and with less complicating factors such as location and lighting, it can be a really effective use of your time and content.

Audio Marketing Strategies

Create a podcast

A chance to really dig into your subject matter, show off your USPs, and let your audience get to know you a bit better. There are more hosting options than you can shake a stick at – including Spotify, which can present some unique marketing opportunities we’ll be writing about in a few weeks.

It doesn’t have to be enormous, either – many successful podcasts are short and snappy, with five-minute guides to very specific topics or problems. Find the format that works for your chosen subject.

Pay for ads on a podcast

This can be incredibly effective, if you choose wisely. Research has shown it’s better to book ads across several smaller podcasts than going all-out on one big show. Additionally, you’re more likely to get the presenter of a smaller show to be personally involved with the ad, boosting the listener’s trust of your brand.

Look for podcasts that are themed around topics relevant to your brand and products.


No, we’re not talking about a trip to the GP to get your tinnitus checked out. Audiograms are a super-easy way to turn a static JPEG into an engaging piece of audio-visual content. They’re shareable across most major social media platforms, which means you can combine easy-to-create visuals with audio (and subtitles for people who’ve got the sound switched off).

If you’ve started a podcast, an audiogram could be a great way to give people an easily accessible taste of the content, without having to leave the page they’re on, or commit to listening to the whole thing.

If you’re technically-minded, there’s open-source code to help you put together your audiogram – or you can opt for either free or paid plans with one of the many great app developers in this space, such as Headliner.

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