Black Friday success for London aesthetic clinic

30% YoY growth in Black Friday revenue for London aesthetic clinic

For years, we’ve supported a high-profile aesthetic and hormone clinic in growing its reach, search rankings and revenue in a highly saturated market. Offering botox, dermal filler, hormone therapy – you name it.

Year on year (YOY), we grow the clinic’s organic traffic through various SEO services, including optimising on-page and off-page SEO and writing user-first content. When Black Friday and Cyber Monday loom, paid advertising takes reign, bringing in bigger results.


The opportunity

For the third year in a row, the high-profile clinic participated in Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales. They planned to offer discounts on several popular aesthetic treatments and sell them on their dedicated Shopify storefront

In 2022, we achieved £75,000 in revenue across this sales period, and for 2023, they set an ambitious target of £90,000. Our client’s core objective was to see revenue growth, and they trusted our paid media team to meet (and exceed) it. 

So, for the third consecutive year, we supported their Black Friday plans, backed by years of insights to make smarter and more strategic decisions.  


What we did

Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales require months of planning, research and testing to ensure revenue jumps while ad spend stays low. We implemented a comprehensive paid social strategy for the clinic to maximise engagement and increase revenue from 2022’s campaign.


Paid social ads

We began our paid social campaign in October, consisting of three ad groups across Facebook and Instagram. This first phase was to build interest, so the ads initially encouraged email sign-ups in exchange for early access to the sales.  The campaign achieved hundreds of email sign-ups throughout October and up to Black Friday.

We conducted A/B testing on a graphic-style video compared to an official treatment video in the clinic. The treatment video proved most effective in capturing the audience’s attention. 

We also promoted our client’s most popular treatment as part of the Black Friday promotion. Across these ad groups, we aimed to build brand awareness and grow their early access list with targeted users interested in the clinic’s services. 


The results

YOY, we’ve increased our client’s revenue from their Black Friday and Cyber Monday campaigns. And 2023 was like no other. 

In 2021, the client achieved £40,000 in revenue. A year later, they set a revenue goal of £45-£50,000 over Black Friday, but we exceeded it significantly, generating over £75,000 in total revenue.

Building on their previous years’ success, the clinic set a target of £90,000 for 2023’s campaign. We achieved this target, bringing in just under £95,000—nearly a 30% increase in revenue from 2022.

The early access campaign reached over 44k impressions, with a cost per 1,000 impressions (CPM) of just over £9.50. This campaign also achieved over 200 email sign-ups. During the Black Friday campaign, we ran ads over a shorter period than in previous years but managed to generate over 7,000 impressions and a CPM of just over £20. 

The ad group on the clinic’s most popular treatment achieved just under 900 clicks and 25,000 impressions. This success assisted the clinic in generating just under £35,000 in revenue for this treatment alone. 

For Black Friday 2024, our client’s targeted revenue remains high, and we’ll be beside them to continue driving their growth.

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