2 Black Friday Marketing Campaigns to Inspire E-Commerce Brands

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2023 has been a crazy year for Trio. We had a PR frenzy about the 4 day work week, grew our team from 12 to 19 and brought in lots of amazing clients. In these last few months, we’ve also been busy supporting our clients’ Black Friday and Christmas marketing campaigns.

This year, our Black Friday campaigns were our biggest yet. For three e-commerce brands, we used paid social advertising and PPC (Pay-per-click) to increase their sales across Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Interested in finding out the results? Keep reading to hear from our Paid Media Manager, Nichola Young, on how they went.

Campaign 1: Cosmetic and hormone clinic sees £93,000 jump in revenue with Trio 

In October, we started a cosmetic clinic’s paid social strategy for their Black Friday event. This event included discounts on a selected range of their most popular treatments.

What we did

We made three Meta ads using targeting features that would advertise to users aged 25-65, within a 40-mile radius, who are interested in cosmetics, beauty, and facials. These elements allowed us to target the clinic’s key audience, improving their conversion rate.

This first campaign focussed on generating early access email sign-ups for their official Black Friday sales. Those who signed up received VIP access to the event, allowing them to shop on the client’s Shopify website before more traffic came in. In the sign-up campaign, we A/B tested two creatives, including graphic-led video content and real treatment videos edited into a short clip.

In our testing, we discovered that treatment videos had better engagement as they had an enticing sneak peek into what the clinic offered. We ran this campaign from the 2nd of October to the 23rd of November, reaching 45,000 people and generating over 62,000 impressions. The overall CPM (cost per 1,000 impressions) arrived at £9.82. We also picked up 200 email sign-ups along the way!

Our 2nd campaign focused on their most popular face and body treatment, Morpheus8. Our goal for the first ad set was to increase sign-ups for the Morpheus8 treatment, and the second aimed to drive more purchases. We ran these ad sets alongside the first campaign to maximise reach.

Now for the main event. After running these early access campaigns, we started the clinic’s BFCM campaign from the 24th to the 30th of November. BFCM, which stands for Black Friday Cyber Monday, is the final push to draw consumers in and boost sales.

We ran 3 ad sets, focusing on the main BF event, Cyber Monday and their extended Black Friday sale. We reached nearly 5,000 people during this short period and generated over 7,400 impressions. The client’s average order value over the BCFM period was £734.77, with a CPM of £22.36, highlighting a great ROI.

What happened

Our strategic approach to paid social media advertising was a huge success. Revenue increased by 130% from 2021 to 2023 and over 22% from the year before. For 2023, our goal was to reach £90,000 in revenue. We hit this target before midnight on Black Friday. The client generated over £93,000, helping them to achieve a massive ROI for their BFCM campaign.

Campaign 2: Clinic wholesaler increases total revenue by 108% with Trio 

As an e-commerce marketing agency, we’ve supported countless brands in promoting their products while making a good ROI. This year, we worked with a clinic wholesaler who sells cosmetic products (e.g., dermal fillers and needles) to clinics nationwide.

What we did

We created two hyper-targeted paid social ad campaigns across Meta, focused on their Black Friday early access and main event. We used Advantage+ targeting, which uses machine learning to automatically reach the brand’s target customers. We shared audience suggestions with Meta’s tool, helping it to prioritise audiences matching this profile.

Each campaign included a carousel of all their BF offers and encouraged users to visit their landing page, which our devs built for PPC and paid social ads. The paid socials reached 4,707 users and generated 14,089 impressions with a CPM of £12.18.

We also scheduled their product discounts on WooCommerce so they would go live at the relevant time. The landing page was easy to navigate and offered a seamless shopping experience for consumers eager to buy.

For PPC, we added their landing page and promotional assets to a Performance Max (PMax) campaign on Google Ads. As people searched for cosmetic wholesale deals, the client’s ad ranked above competitors, persuading users to visit their website. This PPC campaign increased conversions by 835% from the previous month, with 241 conversions.

What happened

Integrating paid socials and PPC helped our client drive sales by 108% compared to last year! The total website revenue was just under £300,000, which is a fantastic increase. The graph below shows how sales peaked over the BFCM period as part of our marketing campaigns.

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