Define your brand identity, with Trio’s ’20 Reasons’ Test

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Who are you? It’s not always easy to answer that question. If you’ve ever been in one of those staff training sessions where you have to ‘catch the ball, say your name and tell us one interesting thing about yourself’, then you know what we’re talking about.

That squirming feeling when you have to explain your personality and values. Awful, isn’t it? Talking about yourself is really hard. What with the #imposter syndrome, and the ever-present, very British fear of looking like a massive show-off – you can be forgiven for clamming up.

When you’re defining your brand identity, though, you can’t let those feelings get in the way. Here at Trio, we’ve got a little exercise we use to help our clients find out what they need to say about themselves. It’s really simple and straightforward – and like the best brand identity exercises, it’s actually focused on the customer, and what they need to hear about you.

So if you’re looking to define your brand, ask yourself these four questions and give five answers for each. When you’ve finished, you’ll have ten reasons why your customers should buy from you, not your competition. You’ll also have a list of ten concerns your customers might have about your products and services, that you can address through your marketing materials.

And you’ll have answered that original tricky question – ‘who are you?’ – in the most effective way possible.

The 20 Reasons Test

What are five reasons people buy from you?

Is your product or service higher in quality than your competitors? Is it cheaper? Do you even have any competitors?

What are five reasons people don’t buy from you?

What’s going to put them off ever coming to you in the first place? Are your prices high? Do they know you exist? Is your location an issue? Are you short on customer reviews, to provide social proof and build trust?

What are five reasons that people come back?

It’s important to separate out the new customers from the returning customers, because their reasons for sticking with you might be different from the reason they came to you in the first place. And you need to explain to the new customers what they’ll be getting if they stick with you, too.

Are they going to struggle to get the same standard of product or service anywhere else? Do you have a great customer experience that makes it super convenient for the customer? Or is your customer support and aftercare something that people need to hear about?

What are five reasons people won’t come back?

There could be positive explanations here – you might be selling a hand-drill with a lifetime guarantee, or a service that’s so effective your customers will never need it again.

It’s likelier, however, that the reasons listed here will be related to issues your business needs to address (poor customer service, a product or service that needs improvement), or an issue of perception (customer doesn’t understand the true value offered, or don’t realise that you have more to offer).

Trio Media work every day to help brands understand and demonstrate their greatness. Whether you’re looking for a PPC agency, an SEO company, website developers, or a lead generation company, we’ll keep your brand values and identity at the heart of our communications with your audience. Contact us now, and you’ll find more than 20 reasons to work with us.