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Time to admit it – you’re buying stuff you see on social media, aren’t you? It’s ok, so’s everyone else. Since 2020, Ecommerce has broken through into the world of social media, with pretty spectacular results.

Approximately 70% of consumers search for products they want on Facebook and Instagram. Social commerce revenues are expected to top 696 billion in global revenue by the end of 2023.

A lot of this has happened due to…that’s right, the pandemic (anyone else sick of hearing that sentence yet?) Facebook launched their Shops functionality in May 2020 as a free boost for small businesses looking to build their offer online. Predictably, the other social media platforms followed.

Here at Trio, we’re big fans of anything that gives independent retailers an advantage. Social media platforms have been a huge source of revenue for multinational corporations for years, so social commerce functionality is a real win for small business owners looking to gain more of a foothold in social media feeds.

Many retailers still haven’t woken up to the potential of social commerce. It’s still common to see brands working hard, week in and week out on their social media marketing, getting their messages out, creating tailored content for Twitter, Facebook, Instagram – but still not realising that they can sell directly from these platforms. They’re missing out.


Getting your socials right can mean more than just a boost in sales. On TikTok, consumerism is just part of the fun – videos with the hashtag #TikTokMadeMeBuyIt have racked up over 4.6 billion views. On TikTok, viral trends are the whole point, so if your product is fun for making TikTok videos with, then you’re in luck.

What sort of things look like fun in a TikTok video? Hoovering, apparently – #LittleGreenMachine videos have been watched 62 million times. Is it satisfying to watch? Not sure. Judge for yourself.

Social Commerce Tips

Be an Ecommerce retailer

Only works if you’ve actually got products to sell. Obvs.

Choose the right channels for your products

Different social media platforms have their own pros and cons. Where do your customers hang out? And think about the content that you’ll use to promote your products – product reviews for Youtube, high quality photos for Instagram and Pinterest.

Tone of voice is important too – one of the reasons that people feel comfortable talking about their love for certain products on TikTok is the ‘homemade’ vibe, so recommendations sound more like advice from a friend, rather than adverts.

Get your setup right

Functionality is key – if your attempts at social commerce don’t make it easier to buy, you’re doing it wrong. Most of the social platforms offer a range of integration options to seamlessly carry your customers through the process – if you’re not sure your Ecommerce functions are up to scratch, maybe consider opting for a paid service with Shopify.

Trio can help you set up a Shopify website from scratch, or add Shopify functionality to your existing site.

Hire a social media agency

You’ve got a business to run. And your mate Carol’s just not going to cut it. Working with professional digital marketers is one of the best investments you can make in your business.

You’ve got the followers, you’ve put the work in. Now come get social with Trio, and we’ll put the scrilla in your scroll (sorry not sorry).