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In a fast-paced world of online shopping, conversions have become a key benchmark for determining brand success. So, it’s important to find ways that work for you on increasing your conversion rate.

As part of Leeds Digital Festival 2021, this topic was discussed in detail in the How To Maximise Your Online Conversions: Best Practices For 2021 webinar by our CEO Claire Daniels and Joanne Burman, Head of Strategic Marketing at PureClarity.

In this blog, we’re covering key takeaways and must-use tips from the webinar for turbocharging online conversions.

Using the power of your website to drive conversions

Claire went into detail about different types of transactional and non-transactional conversions, revealing some interesting stats:

Must-know online conversion stats

  • The average conversion rate (CVR) is generally between 1 – 3%.
  • Using videos on landing pages can increase conversions by up to 86%.
  • Removing the navigation bar from a landing page can increase CVR by 100%.
  • Certain calls-to-action (CTAs) can increase conversions e.g. ‘Download’ by up to 15% and ‘Click Here’ by up to 30%.

She also provided advice on how to optimise your website to improve conversion rate and here are her top tips:

Best website optimisation practices

Get specific about conversions

Start by getting specific about who your users are and what your desired outcome is from visitors to your website. Once you’ve decided on whether you’re looking for quality or quantity conversions you can optimise accordingly.

Focus on the user journey

Ensure all content, imagery and design elements on your website clearly show what you offer and get visitors to where they need to go in as few clicks as possible.

A great tip for shaping your user journey is to use Trio Media’s Top 20 Reasons exercise and answer these points:

  • 5 reasons people buy from you
  • 5 reasons people don’t
  • 5 reasons people choose to come back
  • 5 reasons people don’t come back

If you can then create content that handles all of these objections, you’re removing the barriers to sale.

Always optimise your landing pages

Landing pages are where are a lot of your conversions take place and some tips include using videos for better engagement, sticking to one CTA per page and opting for longer landing pages because they tend to perform best.

Contact forms matter

The positioning of a contact form makes a big difference for generating conversions and the best place to put it is high up on the right-hand side of a landing page.

This is because visitors can easily fill in their details and you have the left-hand space to provide additional summary information for more context.

Discovering eCommerce conversion best practices

Joanne provided a comprehensive guide on how to maximise eCommerce conversions and suggested a useful starting point is to ask yourself these questions:

  1. How effective is your homepage and landing pages?
  2. Do you know the habits of your website visitors?
  3. Can your customers find what they are looking for quickly on your website?
  4. Is your website mobile responsive?
  5. How effective are your product search filters?
  6. How smooth is your checkout process?

From there, you can start to apply these useful techniques for growing your conversion rate:

Consider product information management software

To ensure a good customer experience it’s important that you display items correctly and can manage complex product relationships. Product information management (PIM) software is helpful for managing countless SKUs and ensuring a strong product hierarchy.

Use pricing optimisation tools

Shoppers are always researching how they can find the best deal and pricing optimisation software is a good way to help you refine your pricing strategy.

Consider having your entire inventory priced against your competitors and use sales history to further enhance pricing automation.

Personalisation is king

Look for ways to create stronger relationships with individual customers and personalise the shopping experience. This may involve offering product recommendations, personalised banners and more.

Offer social proof

Provide extra reassurance to customers by including product reviews on your website, creating a referral programme and encouraging user-generated content.

Don’t let people abandon the cart

Remember to reduce the shopping cart abandonment rate and incentivise people to make a purchase. This can be done by sending automated reminder emails, showing exit pop-up banners, SMS reminders and more.

Maximise your online conversions with Trio Media

If you’d like any help on increasing your conversion rate, Trio Media is happy to lend a hand. We specialise in creating websites that convert into sales across multiple industries. This includes eCommerce, finance, health care and construction.

Get in touch with us today on 0113 357 0440 or use the contact form.