Instagram continues to top the charts as the most used and loved social media platform but lately TikTok has given them a run for their money. Despite TikTok’s rocky start, it’s steadily growing in popularity with its MAU (monthly active users) estimated at 800 million. Although that is an impressive growth rate, according to Hootsuite’s article released on Tuesday, Instagram is still ahead, having confirmed in January 2020, that they had nearly 1 billion active users a month.

Last night Instagram Reels launched and it’s making headlines around the world. This reminds us of 2016 when Instagram stories was released in rivalry with Snapchat and statistics showed that Instagram stories had double the users of Snapchat within only a few months. If Instagram has proven anything, it’s that it is always up for a challenge!

So, if you haven’t already tried it out, we’re here to tell you what we know.

Reels is a new way of creating short, fun videos on Instagram, with similar editing capabilities that TikTok has to offer. With Instagram already being one of the most popular social media platforms out there, this release means current users will be spending more time on the platform and it may encourage new users to download it and give it a go.

To get started, open up Instagram stories and at the bottom of your screen you’ll see the option for ‘Live’, ‘Stories’ and ‘Reels’, this is where you can start making your videos. If you’re in need of inspiration or entertainment, hop onto the ‘Discover’ page where you can scroll through all the Reels, just like TikTok. It doesn’t end there, Instagram allows you to share your new Reel videos on the Reels discovery page, Instagram stories and your profile, that means x3 the exposure.

With the release of Instagram Reels comes the editing capabilities and we’re impressed so far. Audio allows you to search any song you want or use your own audio which you can record and it will be attributed to you and free for others to use, if your profile is public. Effects means you can use your favourite filters or discover new ones and change them between clips. Countdown allow you to prepare for your dance moves before the video starts recording. Speed up and down means time-lapses and slowmos can be created without leaving the app. Alignment, worried you’re not in the same place for those outfit swaps, Instagram has you covered with the alignment option ensuring you’re in the exact same spot.

We’re certain that Instagram will continue to add features to Reels and as a Digital Marketing Agency, we’re excited to jump on board and get creating with our clients!

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