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TikTok Shop has grown massively since its launch in the UK last year, is it now the new QVC?

First, What is TikTok Shop? 

You don’t know what a TikTok shop is?? Well get to know! TikTok Shop allows brands and creators to sell products directly through TikTok’s app. And there are three main ways you can feature and sell your products:

  1. You can showcase your products through LIVEs (this is my favourite, the hosts on some brands Lives can really SELL. I have been convinced one too many times).
  2. Through in-feed videos.
  3. Finally, through product showcase tabs. 

Is Social E-commerce the Future? 


Social e-commerce is here to stay. Name a social media app that doesn’t allow you to purchase in-app…waiting…see, almost every social media app now allows you to purchase in-app. 

Insider Intelligence reported that from 2019 to 2020 the number of social e-commerce shoppers grew by 25% to 80m and it’s forecasted to grow to more than 100m by 2023. 

And it’s not surprising that 68% of consumers made at least one purchase directly from social e-commerce in 2021 which has already most definitely increased more this year!

How Does TikTok Shop Work? 

I recently made a purchase after seeing an in-feed video on TikTok. It was this exact video and I was sold. Now I did think, is TikTok shop legit?! But I read the product reviews and delivery details on the shop and was convinced! 

The process of purchasing through TikTok shop was the most simple and easiest way I’ve ever purchased something online. 

I received order updates and was able to track my delivery on the app, there was no having to go to my spam to try to find updates about my purchase! 

After purchasing from the in-feed video, my algorithm aka fyp kept showing me in-feed Live Shopping TikToks in particular Cider’s fashion LIVEs. I tuned in and thought, is this QVC? It essentially was. 

But I was engaged and was able to request items of clothing I wanted to see by commenting, the host read through every comment and showed any requested items. It was like in-store shopping but through my phone which convinced me to purchase 3 items. 

Goodbye QVC, Hello TikTok Shopping! 

Why Should You Start Using Social E-commerce? 

There’s no doubt that Social e-commerce (in particular TikTok Shopping) is going to continue to grow and change the way us consumers shop. 

Brands have a new way to offer shopping experiences to engage and influence their shoppers. 

Now is the best time to experiment with social e-commerce, and you should adopt it whilst it’s in its early stages. 

So, the importance of having an e-commerce social shop is never underestimated if you are selling products! 


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