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We’ve just launched our podcast!

Due to popular demand (from our colleagues), Trio Media have launched our very first podcast, Running Riot : The Digital Marketing Podcast. 

At Trio we have a passion for digital marketing, whether it’s PPC, SEO, web design, or social media. We wanted to share our passion on a more personal level with our audience, and explore further the various strategies, benefits and fundamentals of each service.

The podcast will be hosted by Colleen Kelly, one of our Senior Account Managers here at Trio. She will be joined by various members of the Trio team each week as we cover the many different topics along the digital marketing spectrum.

What’s so great about podcasting? 

Podcasting is a great way to discuss and explore a topic that excites you, that you have knowledge in, or even that you want to learn more about.

During the process, your audience becomes more engaged with you as a brand whilst also learning from you and understanding your level of expertise. This in turn might even give them the confidence they need to work with your company!

Why have we started a podcast?

We’ll let the stats speak for themselves on this one. According to Statista, as of 2021, there were over 19.1 million podcast listeners in the United Kingdom. The audience is growing steadily as the popularity of podcasts increases, with estimates of over 28 million listeners by 2026!

We started Running Riot: The Digital Marketing Podcast, because we wanted to share our thoughts, predictions and analysis of current digital marketing trends, updates and techniques in a chill, relaxed space; just the Trio team having a chat in the studio.

In addition, we wanted to tap into another area of entertainment. Sure, we have our 3 in 3 series, where we share 3 weekly digital marketing updates in 3 minutes, our Running Riot weekly office vlogs and maybe even some tutorials coming out on YouTube in the near future – and don’t panic! They aren’t going anywhere. 

But with so many of us constantly on the move in our day to day lives, we have far less time to sit down, unwind and put the TV on. What we do have time for, however, is podcasts! 44% of the UK population listen to podcasts while driving, and another 34% listen in their free time. Whether you’re at work, taking the dog for a walk, commuting, cooking, its nice to have a little background noise to keep your mind active whilst not being a distraction from the current activity. Listening to podcasts, in the eyes of many, provides a potential educational value that music just doesn’t bring to the table. 

But don’t stress if you’re more of a YouTube kind of person, we’re still going to be filming our podcast episodes for the platform also, so if you can’t get enough of our faces you can head over to our channel to watch us chat about all things digital marketing!

Listen to our podcast on any of the below platforms:

YouTube Running Riot Podcast Playlist 

Spotify Running Riot Podcast

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Google Podcasts Running Riot Podcast

Spreaker Running Riot Podcast