Integrated marketing makeover for LPG Clinics Wholesale

£1.1 million increase in yearly sales for aesthetics distributor

LPG Clinics Wholesale is a leading distributor of aesthetic products to cosmetic businesses across the UK. Their goal is ambitious yet achievable: to become the UK’s largest distributor of aesthetic products.

In 2021, LPG approached us seeking digital marketing services, including PPC, SEO, and website maintenance on their WordPress website. 

Since then, our relationship has grown – and so have their results. Alongside increasing their paid and organic reach, we’re now working on a new website to drive more conversions across paid social, SEO and Google Ads.

The opportunity

LPG Clinics Wholesale primary objective was to strengthen its organic presence on Google while increasing conversions through Google Ads. 

We’ve been driving their organic reach and paid traffic through an effective PPC and SEO strategy since 2021. With their goals for growth, LPG wanted to maximise their reach even further and improve the return on their current digital marketing efforts.

What we did

Since partnering with LPG, our effective strategy has led to their most successful year to date. We optimised their website for success with ongoing SEO and PPC efforts. In 2023, this resulted in their highest growth so far. 

This case study highlights how our integrated marketing strategy enhanced the digital presence of LPG Clinics Wholesale.

On-page SEO & blog writing

We optimised on-page content to improve the performance of our SEO and PPC campaigns. Every month, we published keyword-optimised blogs to improve LPG’s ranking in search engine results pages (SERPs). 

Blogs primarily focused on product launches, tips for cosmetic clinics (e.g., achieving natural dermal filler results for your patients) and training courses. Following the best practices of E-E-A-T, we ensured content remained people-first, relevant and helpful to their target audience. 

We optimised product descriptions with skimmable sections of copy, broken up with headers, bullet points and concise storytelling to highlight the product’s benefits. The product descriptions were optimised to sell, not to leave their customers wanting more. 

These SEO product descriptions included relevant keywords to improve their organic search visibility, user experience and ad relevance in Google Ads. In addition, we dedicated efforts to boosting awareness of LPG Clinics Wholesale own products through brand awareness campaigns. 

Through engaging blog posts, targeted social media ad campaigns, and optimised product descriptions, we elevated the visibility and appeal of their new offerings among their target audience. 

Google Ads 

Across PPC, we implemented a Performance Max campaign targeting products from their website. Like any business in the UK healthcare industry, there are stringent restrictions on what you can advertise in the Google Merchant feed.

Restricted drug terms, like Botox, are flagged in Google’s Ad Policy Violations. Most of LPG’s products fall into this category. Thankfully, we’ve overcome this problem before. 

We strategically worded our ad content and product descriptions to avoid triggering these violations. Doing this kept our Google Ads compliant while effectively promoting their products.

The results

There was a remarkable 117% increase in organic users, with organic search being the top driver of website traffic. Total sales across the website reached £2.12 million, reflecting a significant increase of £1.1 million compared to 2022. 

Throughout 2023, there was a consistent improvement in visibility on search, increasing by 6.95%. The average keyword ranking position also increased by 48.14%. This steady growth in organic ranking showed an uptrend over the year. 

PPC generated 37K clicks and 4.34 million impressions, with an average CPC of £0.57 with overall conversions increased by 53% compared with last year. 

Across all paid social campaigns in 2023, there were 5,218 clicks and 3.69 million impressions. Seven campaigns were run throughout 2023, with LPG’s brand awareness campaign running for most of the year. This campaign reached over 2 million impressions.

Let the numbers do the talking

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year-on-year sales

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increase in PPC conversions

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