Trio’s best integrated marketing campaigns of 2023

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Have you ever interacted with a brand where all their communications are on point? Take Oatly, the oat milk brand, for example. Their no-nonsense, sustainability-driven messaging is consistent everywhere – from their “spam” newsletter to massive billboards. This on-brand experience is no accident. It’s what you call “integrated marketing” at work.

Oatly Marketing Comms

Brands that take an integrated approach leave their product or service at the top of their customers’ minds. Discover how we helped two companies this year achieve these great results below.

What is integrated marketing communications?

Integrated marketing communications align all your marketing channels to promote your brand and services/products. This holistic approach goes hand-in-hand with a marketing strategy, which incorporates strong messaging and goals that a brand wants to push across channels.

Every channel, including your paid advertisements, email marketing, website copy, social media accounts and PR, needs to drive your campaign. This eliminates siloes and ties in everything to create a cohesive message that nurtures brand loyalty.

Why are they so effective? Well, rather than relying on a single marketing channel, you’re funnelling your efforts into multiple. You’ll reach a broader audience that you’ve built trust with using consistent messaging. This will build brand awareness, pushing your audience closer to converting.

Trio’s most successful integrated marketing campaigns – 2023 

We’re an integrated marketing agency. So, when you partner with us, you’ll get integrated marketing solutions with great results. Over the last year, we’ve supported many companies, including those in cosmetics, fashion, and tech, to increase their reach and achieve their business goals.

Below, we summarise two recent integrated marketing campaigns and how we helped lock in sales.

Campaign 1: Spooktacular Halloween ticket sales for a leading family adventure park

In September, we began a two-month campaign to push an adventure park’s ticket sales for their family Halloween activities. The brand had a significant presence in Yorkshire, but they wanted to increase their reach and conversions further.

What we did 

We created two ad sets on Meta (Facebook) to drive brand awareness and bookings. Each ad involved hyper-targeting, an advertising tactic that promotes your ads to people matching your buyer personas. The client wanted to target adults with younger children interested in outdoor play for this event.

Our hyper-targeting tactics ensured the ad sets were shown to the relevant audience rather than a broad, uninterested group.  The first ad set used video to promote all the available Halloween activities. The second one focused on pumpkin picking, using heartwarming imagery to engage onlookers. Out of this, we generated 504 ticket sales, reached over 60,000 people and had a conversion rate of £2.47 per purchase.

In addition to running a paid social campaign, we ran a Halloween search campaign across PPC. We ran five ad groups that included relevant keywords surrounding family Halloween activities. We also used location targeting, so all ads were aimed only at Yorkshire families. This channel achieved 293 ticket purchases with an average CPC of £5.53. Alongside this, our SEO and content team optimised on-page content and wrote engaging blogs to improve their organic ranking.

Key takeaways

Before you can be found, you need to build awareness. The activity park has an outstanding community of adventure lovers. So, by using a mix of brand awareness and event-led ads, we helped them attract and convert more bookings. We relied on different channels to attract more families and build momentum for their Christmas events, which has already brought in 1000s of ticket sales.

Campaign 2: Driving nationwide customer action for a telecoms and IT company

Across this year, we assisted our long-term client, a Leeds-based digital transformation company, in driving sales using a strategic marketing campaign. The key driver behind this campaign was the 2025 PSTN Switch Off, which involved BT ceasing nationwide telephone network lines (the ISDN and PSTN).

Before 2025, BT started a national stop-sell (or phase-out) of PSTN products, which would impact thousands of companies’ phone systems. In response to these changes, our client wanted to drive hosted phone system sales, helping businesses prepare for what’s to come.

What we did 

BT’s national phase-out of PSTN phone systems ran for months and ended in September this year. Throughout August, we ran two display campaigns targeting postcodes transitioning to the stop-sell phase. Each ad included copy that drove urgency and demanded immediate action to get a hosted phone system.

For PPC, we implemented a Google search campaign comprising five ad groups surrounding the ISDN switch-off and terms relevant to small businesses. The Google search and display ads resulted in 3,068 clicks and an average CPC of £1.51.

This campaign also included an SEO-optimised landing page, which increased internal linking and generated 3,890 sessions. We worked on on-site and technical SEO elements to improve search ranking and speed alongside local SEO-optimised blog content. The client’s campaign was promoted across their social media channels and webinars with their key partners to increase reach and awareness.

Key takeaways

Our client had multiple digital channels – its blog, website, video and social media channels. This amount of channels requires consistency in messaging and marketing. We helped them reflect the same tone and messaging, giving their customers a strong brand experience. Whatever channel their customers transitioned from was seamless, helping to take them one step further to converting.

Get real results with an integrated marketing strategy 

An integrated marketing strategy pulls all your messaging together across channels, helping to create a clear picture of what you can offer. With Trio’s help, we’ll help align your marketing channels to work better together.

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